Flushed Away, New HOF Inductees

I can’t get enough of this Mario Chalmers/Darrell Arthur story. Here’s the latest from ESPN

According to sources, Chalmers and Arthur were caught in Arthur’s room at the Doral Arrowwood resort in Rye Brook when a smoke alarm went off Wednesday at about 2 a.m. Hotel management went to the room, but the players refused to allow them in.

Management then left to get security, which used its own key to enter the room minutes later. Once inside, security found Chalmers, Arthur and at least two women. There was a strong stench of marijuana in the room, and one person was in the bathroom with the door locked, repeatedly flushing the toilet, sources said.

At least two women? Off all the details in the story, how come there’s no clarification on the number of chicks in that room? Unless they were unable to count all the strippers, I mean, women.

In other news, the NBA welcomes 7 new members into the Hall of Fame today. Ewing, Olajuwon, Dantley, Vitale, Riley, William Davidson and Cathy Rush. Yes, it pisses me off when the HOF scraps the bottom of the barrel to induct owners and female coaches, yet great clutch players like Dennis Johnson are left out.


2 Responses

  1. Adrian Dantley is another head-scratcher.

  2. Dantley a head scratcher?

    16 seasons
    24 ppg
    54/82 % shooting

    from 80-81 thru 83-84 he average over 30 ppg each season

    maybe you just need some head and shoulders?

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