Another Guy Ready To Make Danny Look Like A Genius

Fresh off Charley Rosen’s “The Celtics off-season wasn’t very good” comes a piece about Bill Walker and how he’s ready to prove a lot of people wrong.

Walker, 20, has immersed himself in a new life, far from the uncertainties of his Huntington, W.Va., upbringing. He moved to Boston soon after being selected in the second round of the NBA draft in June, and has been concentrating on both physical conditioning and his contract.

And perhaps nothing sums up why this kid is going to be alright more than this:

“I’ve learned a lot along the way, how things work, how to be patient, not to feel everything is supposed to be given to me. It’s not like I’m owed anything. I’ve seen that with everyone that’s been successful, they always had some type of humility to them. So why not have that myself?”

That, my friends, is the exact right attitude to have. 

So to recap:  Danny Ainge, fresh off winning the championship, acquired 2 players that should have been lottery picks.  Both are coming in after being humbled in the draft, to a team with strong veteran leadership. 

Explain to me how this WON’T work out.

Elsewhere:  Andrew Bynum is 100%.  I hope he stays that way so Lakers fans can shut the hell up when they lose again.  The Knicks may be ready to dump Zach Randolph.  Satch Sanders is trying to help rookies avoid the pitfalls of fame.  Monta Ellis admits he lied about how he hurt his ankle.  And Tommy Heinsohn was just BallerBlogger’s Baller of the Day.


6 Responses

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  2. Wow Monta Ellis could lose $66 million dollars. Hopefully the Warrior negate his contract and he signs here next year. That guy is my favorite young player in the league, I can’t believe he even settled for just 6 years $66 mill. If he had waited to become unrestricted and avoided the ankle injury, he would have been a 6 year $120 million guy this off-season.

  3. There’s no way the Warriors will negate Ellis’s contract unless his injuries are career-threatening, Tim. By all accounts, they’re not, so you can forget about Ellis in green. And Ellis is not a $120 million player. I don’t even think he’s worth 6 years/$66 million. An undersized 2 guard who knows how to score in transition but not much else? Forget about that.

    P.S. Loved the Bill Walker article! I can already hear Tommy griping about how Walker needs to play more. Good times ahead!

  4. I could not disagree more. That is an absurd statement. Have you seen Monta Ellis play more than one or two times? Or better yet, have you even seen him play?

    Maybe $120 million is a stretch, but to say hes not worth $11 million a year before this injury (or even after) is more of a stretch.

  5. I saw him in the playoffs in 2007 – when he was a complete NO SHOW against Dallas and then Utah. And I saw him every time we played GS. So, no. I don’t know him as well as I know, say, Rajon Rondo, but from what I’ve seen, he’s a flawed player who can’t defend, can’t score in ISO, can’t handle or distribute and cant shoot a jumper. And he’s DEFINITELY NOT the type of player who’ll lead his team to the playoffs by any stretch of the imagination. I can see him becoming a pretty good sixth man for a playoff team, but a cornerstone? No way. If I were Chris Mullin, my priorities would’ve been to:
    1. Keep Baron.
    2. Pursue Elton Brand. And if this didn’t work out…
    3. Sign and trade Ellis for someone like Josh Smith who got comparable money.
    Just a difference of opinion, Tim. I just don’t think Monta Ellis is all that.

  6. I thought this was about Wallker who cares about Ellis that’s GS problem!!!

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