People Actually Bought This Crap


Shirt: $30.00 -- Scorn & Ridicule: Free

I guess the people of Oklahoma City don’t care about the lame name, color scheme and logo.  They lined up and logged on… to set a record for merchandise sales.  But that doesn’t change the fact that there is a very vocal segment of the population that doesn’t really like the look.

Couple of little housekeeping items:  Leon Powe is signing autographs in Cambridge on Wednesday.  And Celtics tickets go on sale Friday, Sept. 26… but you can get tickets earlier by joining “Club Green.”


5 Responses

  1. Anyone wants to make some money tonight, take the Vike’s easy win for them they will cover and go to BetUS to place your bet.

  2. Jester… you been using the link to BetUS from Red’s Army?

  3. Doesn’t everybody????

  4. Two questions:

    How can you bet with confidence in Tavaris Jackson?

    How much did you lose last night?

  5. I was counting on A.P. and their so-called top rated D to make up for that, learned a lesson there, it’s early. I lost 181 but I’m even on the weekend took the cowboys over the clowns. No matter what the spread is bet the steelers over the CLowns in the sunday night game!!!!!!!!!!!!

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