Hot Sportscasters (Yes, thats a real web site)

Courtesy: (Yes, that's a real web site)

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5 Responses

  1. Look at the guys checking her out in the first picture after the jump….

  2. Damn, that last picture of her butt isn’t viewable. I will have to find another one.

  3. Started typing and remembered this a family website so I will just say she is Hot. Also If you really want to make some dough this weekend Bet on the Steelers over the Clowns take the points they will cover. go to BetUS I also like the Cheifs over the Raiders!!!!!!

    Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tough to argue with Ines. Kathryn Tappen should be up there eventually… also a ‘sportscaster that is hot’ vs. ‘model as sportscaster’.

  5. I don’t know, she’s not that hot. To each their own…

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