“100% By Christmas”

A lot of people were surprised when Darius Miles’ name kept popping up this offseason.  Forget the issues with his personality and play… this guy’s career was supposed to be over.
But apparently, according to one guy who should know, it’s far from over
“He is going to Boston a little sooner than we’d like,” said Grover, a fitness specialist who has trained Michael Jordan and other stars from the Attack Athletics gym in Chicago. “But, from an explosiveness and quickness standpoint, he is 80-85 percent from where he used to be, and my guess is he should be back to 100 percent by Christmas.”
He’s got to serve a 10 game drug suspension… which apparently was for some kind of of diet drug that is classified as a banned stimulant.  But if you think that’s a sign of continued immaturity… think again.  
“Everyone is always talking about championships, you see pictures of Red Auerbach and Bill Russell all around here. So, I am kind of just slowly taking everything in, staying real quiet. I don’t want to disrespect anyone in this organization.”
We’re seeing with the Celtics right now the same thing that we’ve seen with the Patriots.  Reclamation projects are dying to get here… they shut the hell up once they do… and the people who bring them in look like geniuses.  It helps that the guys are pretty much all in town already working out.
Did you need another reason to love Leon Powe?  I didn’t think so… but I’ll give you one anyway.
Powe said he started personal workouts in California at the end of July and put in a good six weeks of training before heading east. But it wasn’t all rest and relaxation for the third-year power forward. He hosted his low-cost ($25 for two days of instruction) Powe Folks Basketball Camp in Oakland – which he said drew about 300 kids in August – and took his entire family to the Bahamas earlier in the summer.

“We had 12, 13 people with us,” he said of the vacation. “You know, some people had never been nowhere in their lives, so I wanted to do that for them.”

And for those of us who are still Delonte West fans… the Cavs just locked him up for the next few years.  Also locked up:  Every Thunder season ticket… already.


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