Partying In Burlington

Perk, Rondo, Tony Allen

Perk, Rondo, Tony Allen

Hey… how about some actual players showing up in Burlington, VT for a big championship celebration?  Red’s Army reader Roman was there today… and sends along this email:

Just got back from the trophy tour celebration in Burlington, VT, attended by a pretty good crowd for a weekday.  TA, Rondo + Perk were there, plus Lucky and a couple dancers (who were gorgeous, about 3 feet tall, and freezing).  Senator Leahy gave a speech, Mayor Kiss gave a speech, and then Jeff Twiss, a Vermontah, gave a pretty good speech until the players came out and the crowd drowned him out.  The players all said a few things about coming back next year with another trophy, then joked around with each other and signed some autographs.  I gave up on the line for pictures with the trophy, still about a block long after an hour.  I’ll get it next year.  I did see the only other guy I’ve ever seen in a Powe shirt too.

One of our Powe shirts?  That would be AWESOME!  Probably not though. 

Roman sent along that photo up top… and these two:

The crowd in Burlington, VT

The crowd in Burlington, VT

Lucky and 2 dancers

Lucky and 2 dancers

Thanks Roman!  And thanks to all of our readers in Vermont!


3 Responses

  1. Very cool.

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  3. I have a Powe shirt, too!

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