Hitting the Gym


Courtesy: Celtics.com

Last month I blasted Paul Pierce for his extended celebration of the NBA title. It’s good to see the Truth and company working out in Waltham several weeks before the start of training camp.

“This is the same commitment we had a year ago when everyone got in early,” Pierce said. “Just because we won a championship — that’s what the Boston Celtics [are] all about. Winning championships. So we’re here early to try to do it again.”

Celtics.com gives us a glimpse inside last week’s workouts:

After a few hours of workouts that included running with car tires strapped to his back, Pierce organized a pickup game between his teammates. Pierce played alongside Gabe Pruitt, Glen Davis, Patrick O’Bryant and J.R. Giddens, and they matched up against Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Rajon Rondo, Darius Miles and Leon Powe. Highlights of the game included a nasty swat by Miles, and a power slam in traffic from Leon Powe reminiscent of his Game 2 dunkfest against the Lakers.

Nice to hear that Miles is playing some defense. Kobe should try the car tires workout, might prevent him from disappearing in the Finals next year.

Celtics.com also has a cool video clip of the C’s getting sized for their championship rings. Does this sum up Tony Allen or what? He’s going to wear his bling on his pinkie.

Special thanks to MA for the tip on this story. No, I never visit Celtics.com.


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  1. Have you guys seen Kobe’s interview with Jim Rome on espn.com? Some of the phoniest crap I’ve ever heard. He talks about how he’s a quiet leader who leads by example (except when he’s busy yelling at his teammates and coaches)…How his pinky’s all broke, blah, blah, blah…What a phony!

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