Celtics Might Not Face Arenas ‘Till ’09

Gilbert Arenas had surgery on his left knee… which will keep him out until at least December.  The Celtics are in Washington on December 11th… and beating Gilbert Arenas is a roarin’ good time. 

So we’ll have to wait and see if the D-bag is ready to go.  I actually hope he doesn’t play… because he’ll just use his knee as an excuse about why he sucked. 

Other news:  The C’s trophy tour will take them to Hartford, CT tomorrow.  You’ll get Ray Allen and JoJo White (star of what was easily the best “You Got Rondo’d” ads)

CBS Sports put 2 power forwards ahead of KG.  Can you guess who they are before clicking the link?

And the difference between Doc Rivers 2 seasons ago… and Doc Rivers last season? According to part-owner Steve Pagliuca… nothing.


3 Responses

  1. Chris Bosh at #4 on the power forward list? What a joke. That dude is soooo overrated.

  2. Huge contract… bad knee… good grief.

  3. Duncan is understandable, he might be one of the best PFs of all time. Amare is great if basketball was a game of offense only and no defense.

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