Announcing: The Suite

Yep…. that’ll be the headline when we can actually afford to buy these seats in 2051.

Until then… this is what 5 new Premium Club seating areas will look like at the Boston Garden.

Located at the east end of the garden’s Level 6, the area that underwent renovation was formerly known as Banners Restaurant, and the ledge seating area there will be replaced by the Lofts, “an all-inclusive private entertainment option ideal for four to six people,” Delaware North said.

The company added in a press release: “The loft-inspired design features trendy lounge décor in a two-tier space overlooking the arena. This all-inclusive experience comes complete with a small plated five-course menu, game tickets, and parking. The 12 Lofts will be sold in 10-game packs, including both Bruins and Celtics, or team specific.”

Someday… I’ll sit there.  But I guarantee you… it won’t last long.

Quick story:  Chuck and I were lucky enough to go to Game 5 of the Celtics-Hawks series… and sit in one of the luxury boxes.  The booze and food was great… but Chuck and I were the only ones in that thing that were cheering.  We were going with all the “D-Fense” chants… swearing at the refs (like they could hear us)…. and I swear we were the butt of jokes (I mean…. more so than usual). 

As much as I loved sitting in that box… I hated the atmosphere.  I’d love to get one of those things and fill it with real fans.  And if you ever see me turn into one of those comatose, stuffed-shirts who’s more into where he’s sitting than what he’s watching….. you can wait for me as I leave and kick me in the nads.


6 Responses

  1. We had more fun sitting in Balcony Gal’s seats up in the 300s. Those are our people….

  2. Seriously you guys should rent out a section in the balcony for one game this year….. like 25 seats or something.

  3. WOW they look sweet. Most likely will never sit in one of those in my lifetime. But you are right John, no one actually cheers from there its weak.

    It’s like, “Well I’m rich so I’ll go to the game and sit in the super seats because I can and won’t cheer at all and tell all my rich friends that I was in the super-rich people box at the game last night”.

    I will say again…weak…I’ll take my shitty balcony seats where people actually give a damn.

  4. Tim…you might be on to something. I’ll run the idea past the board of directors.

    Only problem – someone has to sit next to John.

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  6. Not only do the lame “fans” turn up in the luxury boxes, but they (unfortunately) clutter up courtside, as well. I sat next to two lame, clueless girls at a Celtics v. Cavs playoff game who spent the entire game texting their friends.

    Sheesh. I think I should sit up with the Balcony Gods next game…At least they will be screaming as loud as me!

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