Trophy Tour Hits Conn., White House Next

Conn. Gov. Jodi Rell loves golden balls

Conn. Gov. Jodi Rell loves golden balls

Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Rajon Rondo and a few Celtics dancers took the championship trophy into Hartford yesterday. Ray might be a God in those parts, but I give props to Dwight Hooker:

Want dedication? Hooker, 59, recently had reconstructive surgery on both knees. Wearing Celtics gear, he moved slowly through the line, then gingerly down the steps of the Capitol upon exiting, with a cane and a smile. “Wouldn’t miss it,” said Dwight Hooker of Hartford, a Celtics fan for 46 years. “Ray was great.”

Dude can barely walk, yet he’s able to see Ray and the trophy. Too bad he can no longer use the knees as an excuse to avoid chores around the house. I can hear the wife now, “If you can get your ass to the Statehouse to see the Celtics, then you can take out the damn garbage.”

The Celtics are scheduled to visit President Bush and the White House this afternoon. I hope Bush has some funny Lakers jokes up his sleeve.

And for those still following Al Jefferson’s career, Big Al sprained his MCL in a pickup game. He’s out of action for a few weeks.


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  1. I bet she does!

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