Miles Suspended For Diet Drug

Over the past few months there has been several reports claiming Darius Miles would be suspended 10-games for violating the NBA’s drug policy. It’s official, Miles has been suspended…for using phentermine. Say what? A diet drug can get you suspended in the NBA? Yup, because it’s an amphetamine.

Meanwhile, the Celtics spent some time at the White House yesterday with our fearless leader – George W. Bush.

Meeting the President was more nerveracking for Paul Pierce than the playoffs:

“I was more nervous right here today [than during the playoffs]. It’s not every day you get to come to the White House and meet the president. My hands were sweaty. I’ve never been that close to the president.”

In other words, his hands weren’t sweaty as he was checking Kobe Bryant in the second half of Game 4. Or when he was draining those 3s in the 3rd quarter of Game 1. Need I go on?….

Update:  Here’s video of Paul talking about the experience.  Here’s KG’s reaction.  Here’s WBZ’s Dan Roche’s rerport of the meeting with the President.


4 Responses

  1. Too bad about Miles, but rules is rules. Hopefully this is his last infraction and he can focus on quality basketball.

    Great to see the Celtics get honored by the prez and comport themselves with dignity. I remember Rasheed “Classy” Wallace refused to shake Bush’s hands or even talk to him, saying something like, “I got nothin’ to say to that [expletive deleted].” I mean, I’m sure Pierce didn’t vote for Bush, but at least Paul’s a classy guy.

  2. I respect what Sheed did. Not often an athlete takes a political stand nowadays. Now, he could’ve done the same thing in a classier way no doubt, but still…

  3. I was wondering why they gave Bush a Perkins jersey and not one of the All Stars:

    Pierce told Bush: “We just want to say it’s truly an honor to be here in your house today. And on behalf of the Celtics’ organization, we’d like to thank you. And from what I hear, you played a little high school basketball yourself. So we’re going to honor you with a basketball signed from our team. And a Celtic jersey with a 43 on it – even though that’s Kendrick Perkins’s number. And he’s from Texas. So that’s why we gave you 43. No, but for real, in honor for you being the 43d president.”

    Just another reason to like Pierce. Even with the head of our country, he’s still trying to be funny.

  4. I agree, sometimes rules sound so insane but you have to follow them

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