We’re Number 2!!

Ball Don’t Lie has been putting out the top 3 blogs that cover each NBA team.  Today… it’s the Boston Celtics.



I’d like to lodge an official protest, however, about CelticsBlog being #1 (again).  These rankings are always biased.  They always skew towards well-written blogs that understand the game of basketball… which have been around forever and have a bazillion readers.  Where does that leave us… a couple of morons who, until recently, thought Kelenna Azubuike was a third-world dictator… and who are distracted by boobs and shiny objec……. hey… a dime!

What was I saying?

Oh… yeah… there’s no way we should bring Sam Cassell back.  That’s total crap.

(minor correction to Mr. Skeets over at BDL.  Red’s Army was launched in December of 2005.  But it’s too late to change things now….. Mwaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha!!!)

Also out there:  BallerBlogger’s latest baller of the day:  Bill Russell.  Not sure if you’ve heard of him or not.  I had to check on Wikipedia… apparently he played in Boston for some time.  Ah…. well… if he was any good… I’m sure I would have heard of him by now.

And… the Knicks easily have the highest payroll in the league.  Can you guess who’s second?  It’s not us.  But it is a team we faced in the playoffs.

Hey… camp opens up in a week.  Get ready… we’ll be cutting and pasting lines from a bunch of other previews on the web and passing them off as our own soon.  Stay tuned!!


7 Responses

  1. We may be #2 but I still haven’t heard back from the Celtics media relations people regarding press passes for training camp. Don’t they know who we are?

  2. Congrats guys! For my money, this is the best Celtics blog on the ‘Net, and we all know that my ratings matter more than Ball Don’t Lie’s.

  3. Wow… seriously congrats on that.

    Just imagine how well you’d be doing if you dumped Chuck…..

  4. Congrats! I’m so glad this blog exists. If I didn’t have it to read at work, I might end up doing my job…

  5. Congrats I’ll drink to that…………. You should do a shirt with you and Chuck with silver special Olympic medals around your necks….Also I know I’m 0-2 but Bet the Jets Brett Lives for Monday Nights!!!!!!!!

  6. Congrats – this is the only Celtics Blog I go to.

  7. Congrats RedsArmy! You are my #1 after the google home page opens. You are far and away the best Celtics site. Let us know who we need to email to get you and Chuck credentialed. Looking forward to another fantastic year.

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