Is Patrick O’Bryant The Key?

When you think about who might be the biggest threat to the Celtics… you might be tempted to say Cleveland or Detroit.  But we might want to focus a little more within the division…

Like… on Philadelphia and Toronto. 

Toronto’s front court just got a little more menacing with the addition of Jermaine O’Neal.  He’s no longer offensive option #1… which means he can focus more on being a defender and rebounder.  It also means he doesn’t have to work as hard on one end of the floor… which can preserve him as he gets older and more injury-prone.

Philadelphia made the biggest splash of the off-season by stealing Elton Brand… who is still an elite power forward.  Meanwhile, Samuel Dalembert grew into the role he was always supposed to fill… a rebounding shot-blocker that protects the basket and who only scores on put-backs and alley oops. 

And as much as we love the guys on our front court… the fact remains that Kendrick Perkins is still foul and injury prone… and bigger guys can get over the top of Leon/Big Baby.  So in this suddenly competitive Atlantic Division… Patrick O’Bryant might be the key to keeping these upstart teams at bay.

I’m not asking the world of Patrick O’Bryant (we need a nick name for this guy… quick).  But I know that guys like O’Neal and Brand are very much good enough to get Perk in to foul trouble… which to me is much more worrisome than his shoulder.  And yes, KG will be handling his business in the paint as usual… we’ve seen how much more effective he can be with a partner in crime back there to help him out. 

Perk is definitely the guy at the … and all this talk about how important O’Bryant can be will go away if Perk can keep his fouls in check.  But until Perk proves that he can do that… the job of banging down low and helping KG might just fall on O’Bryant.

Here’s hoping that Clifford Ray can work his magic again.

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17 Responses

  1. very much good enough ?

  2. As much as I like Perk…. and trust me I love perk, this is his last year to prove to us he can stop getting in foul trouble.

  3. I got a few the Oskaloosa Giant, the 7 foot mellow big fellow, the Keymaster, Baby face O’Bryant, the eraser, or the Project???????

  4. “The Big O” I know thats already taken by Glenn Ordway.. but who cares

  5. O’Bryant has a soft touch around the basket – seen some clips of him with a sweet soft baby hook.

  6. Glenn Ordway “The Big O” that is just funny thank you needed that this morning

  7. Pat….

  8. Perk is about 1 foul a game away from increasing his courtime from 24 mpg to a more comfortable 30 mpg, which would be perfect for the big guy. Right now, he’s at 6.1 PF/48 min and ranks 9th highest for bigs.

    I’m wondering that since Patrick O’Bryant has a shot, if Perk and POB will perhaps share the floor together at some point in the season? Put Garnett at SF, and the Celtics all the sudden have a humongous front-court to challenge the Odom-Gasol-Bynum trio.

    Not that height is that important, because the Celtics have shown they can play KG at center and not lose a beat.

    Count me in as being intrigued by what POB can do for the Celtics this year . . .

  9. I would LOVE to see odom try and match up with KG every time down the floor…and then watch him try to score on the other end maybe even with cobra appearance from KG

  10. I’m sure there will be times the C’s want to go big…. and the KG, POB, Perk front line could work. Stick Pierce at the 2 and you’ve got a pretty huge team out there.

    Come to think of it… if POB works out… the C’s will have the ability to go very big or very small. You can have a lineup with Baby or Leon at the 5…. and you go small from there.

    Interesting possibilities.

  11. Ordway, I want my nickname back.

  12. I can’t imagine the need for the celtics to go so big, if they really needed to have a big rebounding lineup they could move pierce to the 2 and run miles at the 3 considering he has a lot of size and rebounding ability for his position.

    I do agree though that if POB works out and becomes a viable back up to perk I could see them splitting minutes and having a good center to anchor the D for the 2nd unit. If miles comes back to form I can see our 2nd unit easily being one of the strongest and most talented in the league, and our starters are for sure up there as well clearly, so I like our chances!

  13. Glen Ordway is a douchebag.

    That is all.

  14. Let’s call him Kobe O Bryant haha

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  17. He looks like Michael Smith…. the Globe’s Michael Smith

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