Classic Marbury


While I believe that I have a better shot of playing for the Celtics than Stephon Marbury, the NY Post continues to list Boston as a potential home for the NBA’s craziest point guard.

Marbury, who could wind up in Miami, Boston, San Antonio or the Clippers, said he has no desire to work out a settlement.

“There wouldn’t be no negotiation,” Marbury said. “They’re going to give me all my money. … If they want to waive me and give me all my money, fine. If not, I’ll try to help this organization win the championship. They told me to come to camp in the best shape of my life and I did that. But I don’t want to be in a place I’m not wanted.”

You gotta love Marbury’s negotiating skills. “They’re going to give me all my money.” How about taking half of the $21 milion owed this season, and get the hell out of New York? That team isn’t going anywhere for years. Here’s some advice: Take the buyout, sign a one-year deal for the veteran minimum on a contending team, re-shape your image and then hit the jackpot in free-agency. Wait…that makes too much sense for Stephon.


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  1. What’s worse… Marbury’s unwillingness to even consider negotiating or the fact that Celtics fans would actually want this guy on their team. Does winning a championship honestly make you think you can turn anyone into a winner? How’s Marbury going to feel backing up Rondo?

    (other teams aren’t innocent either.. Heat) althought they actually need the help that might be worth taking the risk

  2. No one thinks Marbury should come to Boston. No one.

  3. “There wouldn’t be no negotiation,” Marbury said.

    Now I’m no English Professor, but it seems like Starbury is willing to negotiate. He’s using the secret “double-negative code” only employed by athletes, rappers, and hillbillies.

    “Cancer” Isn’t a strong enough word to describe his impact. How about Stephon “the Pandemic” Marbury?

    That is all.

  4. Take half of what he’s owed, rebuild his image and hit the jackpot in the offseason? Oh, GAWD…

    ‘Hmm…I’ll take 10 million bucks instead of 20 because maybe that will make somebody forget that I’ve been the most overpaid loser in this league for 12, 13 years and sign me to a huge contract when I’m 33!’

    That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard!

    But then again, you’re a republican which explains why you’re so friggin’ stupid when it comes to finances.

  5. Marbury can keep his $21 million, stay in NY, keep losing and do nothing to repair his image. How much do you think that will net him next year?


    Take a lesser buyout, rebuild his image while playing for a winning team and then sign a free-agent contract worth much more than he would ever get if he stayed in NY.

    Why is that so hard to grasp you democratic douchebag?

  6. Chuck I think you might want to suspend your posting and focus on your investments for a little while.

  7. $10.5 million > $21 million?

    Is that you Danno?

  8. […] I was also glad to see that nearly 80% of you want no part of Stephon Marbury playing in Boston. […]

  9. Hey Chuck,
    would YOU give up $10.5 million?

    Are you just stupid, dishonest or both?

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