KG Speaks

He’s back. Kevin Garnett has emerged from his summer of “mental decompression” to promote the new NBA 2K9 video game. Because the Celtics played more playoff games last season than any team in the history of the NBA, KG eased up on his summer workout schedule. Any chance a “certified” KG will be less thirsty for a title this season?

“Give me a couple more short summers where I feel like with this team, [we] set our mark. Every Celtics team sort of had their run, and its multiples. It’s only right that we set our mark in this league like Timmy [Duncan] has done it with the Spurs, Kobe [Bryant] and Shaq [O’Neal] have done it [with the Lakers]. This is my opportunity to do that. I’m trying to take advantage of it fully right now.”

“I know what I’m anticipating and what this season is about to be like. I trained with the intent that they’re coming [for me]. But guess what, I’m coming, too. We are coming.”

That’s the KG we know and love.

Meanwhile, Sixers coach Mo Cheeks is doing his best to keep his team grounded. The signing of Elton Brand made Philly a popular choice to challenge the Celtics in the East:

To compare us with Boston? C’mon, we have a long way to go,” Cheeks said. “We’re still trying to reach and see where we can go. That’s a long stretch to think we can be the Boston Celtics.”

I was also glad to see that nearly 80% of you want no part of Stephon Marbury playing in Boston.

Anybody get tickets this morning?


8 Responses

  1. 60-22
    1st place in the Atlantic
    Home court throughout the playoffs
    Fo – Fo – Fo – Fo

  2. Got tickets this morning. Even with the price increase, Celtics tickets are still the best value in town.

  3. Sweet Paul. Which games are we going to?

  4. My tickets will be arriving Next week, in a nicely printed book package, most likely with a free hat or T-Shirt, all displayed neatly in a transparent folder, with a tahnk you letter and my 15% discount card for the Proshop.

    I get Home Opening game this year! Ring Ceremony! Banner raising!!!

  5. I should be at that game too, Danno. Can’t wait.

  6. “We’re coming for you” I like that!

    Fail on the tix though. I guess I’ll just have to hit up a bar!!

  7. I whiffed on tix. Hopefully I can score some from friends on this website??

  8. Start the bidding dave….

    by the way… I love that picture. Look at how pissed KG looks. Rondo is smiling away and winning. KG even hates losing video games.

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