Rondo Is Faster

So says…….. Rajon Rondo

I came to New York last night to do this appearance at the NBA 2K9 launch. It was good. Me and KG played against each other, and I won. But, I ended up losing in the finals to Andre Iguodala. O…I met Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, and I told him I could beat him.

You know what… I’d like to see that.  Rondo’s one of the fastest guys in the NBA… I wonder how that compares to the fastest guy ever?  Would Rajon get blown out?  Would he take an early lead and fade?  Would he make it close?

I’d guess he’d take the early lead because Bolt always starts slow… and 90 feet is a far cry from 100 meters.  We’d start by thinking Rajon had a chance… and then marvel at how fast Bolt really is. 

I dig Rajon’s confidence, though


2 Responses

  1. Are you serious??? It would not be close at all… Rondo would never lead.

    Just look at how Bolt made the 2nd fastest guy in the world look…

    C’mon now.

  2. The real question is who David Stern would fine more for taunting.

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