No Hard Feelings


Sorry for the lack of Media Day coverage, but you can blame the Celtics. For some crazy reason, I guess the team’s media relations staff isn’t aware we are the most powerful Celtics blog in North America. Should I be pissed the team has ignored my repeated e-mail requests for access to training camp and opening night? At the very least, I figured they’d throw me a bone which is Media Day where everyone and anyone gets access to the team. Fortunately for Mr. Twiss and Mr. Olive, I am a patient man. But if you keep disrespecting us, then it’s no holds barred.

As for the team, the Globe reports thats Rajon Rondo is jacked while Paul Pierce, KG and Ray all look a bit thinner. Darius Miles is blessed to be wearing Celtic green and Sam Cassell has finally signed that contract.

More goofy photos after the jump


Courtesy: Perennial

Oops…how’d that last one slip in there?


9 Responses

  1. What’s sadder… Scalabrine’s body or your obsession with dissing the Lakers… but in all seriousness, has Veal ever stepped in a gym?

  2. The Sam signing scares me. Our roster is filled. Who is going to get cut to make room? Or my fear is that we will lose Big Baby or Leon Powe in a trade to reduce the roster. This signing brings that possibility closer.

    Hate the signing

  3. Can’t the just demote Pruitt to the D-League?

  4. Sam signed with the Celtics? That sucks, we do still have House right?

  5. I just can’t wait until they start playing again.

  6. What scares me is the picture on the Herald’s website of Eddie House and somebody wearing #43. The Herald claims it’s Kendrick Perkins, but I know it can’t be, because he’s… smiling? There’s a Perk imposter in Waltham!

  7. yeah, the signing of Sam is no good…he was a non factor last year in my opinion….id much rather have eddie out there even though he’s not a point…he still hustles his ass off and if you leave him open and he gets hot…watch out……I say let Scal go or i guess put one of the young rooks in the D-league….but if they had just not signed Sam it would ahve been better. Oh well…in Danny i trust :)

  8. We will lose Scal before we lose Leon or Baby.

  9. KG looks bigger to me.

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