Welcome To Next Season

As much as we Celtics fans want to still look back at winning the NBA Championship, it is now time to put that champagne-crusted trophy up on the shelf, and move forward.

It’s Media Day today.  A chance to see all our guys in uniform again.  A chance for them to talk about the rings one last time.  A chance for the new guys to talk about how much they want to have a ring of their own.  A chance for us to ask, for the last time, the questions that are currently impossible to answer.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll start to get those answers.

Everyone is asking them… and they’re all legit.  Can Tony Allen replace James Posey?  What’s happening with Perk’s shoulder and who’ll step in for him if he can’t go?  How much do Pierce, Garnett, and an Allen have in the tank? 

At this point, all we can do is guess at the answers.  I can guess that Tony Allen will be a defensive stopper but the Celtics can’t rely on him to hit some of those big Posey 3-pointers.  Perk’s shoulder will recover enough for him to do what he’s done, but the bigger question is about his ability to stay on the floor and out of foul trouble.  And the Big 3 will have plenty left in the tank… if they know enough to take the foot off the gas pedal early. 

Yeah… I’m telling them to take it easy early in the season.  Yeah… that’s going to mean a few more losses early than we’d like to see.  But I’m telling you it will be worth it.  So hey, Doc Rivers, limit their minutes early on and then start stretching them out after the All-Star break.  They’ll still be the 1 seed… and they’ll be fresher come playoff time. 

Check back here later today for some of the shenanigans during media day.  Should be one last day of fun before they start running drills tomorrow.

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