Brace Yourselves…

Tony Allen has finally taken off the knee brace.  He could have taken it off last year… but he didn’t.  He didn’t take it off because it was his binky.  Yeah… it’s easy for me to say… because I didn’t tear MY knee to shreds in the prior season.  But we all know where his head was at.  That damn brace was wired to his brain… and it kept telling him “hey… remember how much I used to hurt?” 

I’m not the only one who feels this way

“He has a great opportunity, but again, he’s going to have to do it,” Doc Rivers said. “A lot of guys have had opportunities. I’m just happy he’s not running around with the knee brace. Mentally I think he’s in a great place. We’ll see, but he’s put in the time.”

We know the deal with TA.  We know how important he’ll be to this team.  He’s got that maddening potential that we only saw when this team was worse than its ever been. 

But training camp opens in earnest today.  So, Tony Allen, today is the first day of the rest of your life.  A lot of video from media day  |  Herald: Celtics chomp at bit  |  Cassell back for encore  |  Perk’s health gets attention  |  Globe:  Pierce part of high level discussion  |  Kind words from Stern on title  |  Fresh new world for champs  |  Media day photos  |  Souza:  The defense begins with pictures  |  Telegram:  Celtics hungry for 18th title


4 Responses

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  2. if he plays like he did for the weeks leading up to his injury well be saying james who? 2 weeks into the season… we can only hope he gets back to that smothering defense and scorer that we know he can be.. i would also like to say that i think rondo is gonna have a gangster ass year this year. cant wait to watch our boys again

  3. Don’t worry bout Tony….. a healthy, comfortable, and confident Tony Allen is BETTER than James Posey.

    Yeah, I said it.

  4. I wouldn’t doubt it Tim

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