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Good Defense or Bad Offense or Both?
October 31, 2008


I wanna give the Celtics defense full credit for tonight’s manhandling of the Chicago Bulls. When you see stats like 80 pts, 30% FG and 21 TOs – you gotta cite the defense right? Yes, but the Bulls were absolutely hideous on their own. As Mike and Tommy pointed out numerous times, shot selection was atrocious. Hey Tyrus Thomas (2-17 FG) – ever heard of a pass? Derrick Rose had some flashes and can get to the hoop, but can you really be impressed with a point guard who tallies one assist?

Offensively, the Celtics were efficient. KG dominated with 18 pts and 10 boards. Pierce had a quiet 14 pts and 9 boards while Leon played super-sub again – 13 pts, 6 rebounds. Subtract several turnover-prone minutes in the 3rd quarter and this game could have been a 40-point blowout. Best of all, KG and Ray played less than 30 minutes which should help tomorrow night in Indiana.

Even though Chicago had two 7-footers on the floor with their second unit in the 2nd quarter, Doc kept Patrick O’Bryant on the bench and went with Big Baby, Powe and Scalabrine. POB didn’t get into the game until garbage time cementing the fact that Doc doesn’t like something about his game. After watching his lackluster performance, I now get it.

Nocioni and Noah were whining like bitches most of the night. I was hoping Perk and/or Powe would take a shot at one of them.

Celtics 96 Bulls 80 Box Score | Recap

Prior to the game, the Celtics officially exercised next year’s option on Rajon Rondo’s contract.

Count ESPN’s John Hollinger has 3 Lakers on his All-Decline team. FWIW – there are no Celtics on the squad.

Da Bulls
October 31, 2008

The Celtics beat up on the Bulls pretty badly last year, but I’m expecting a (mildly) competitive game tonight. Remember Luol Deng gives Paul Pierce fits. I wish I could back that statement up with facts, but I’m not so good with research on this internet thingy. New Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro has shaken up the starting line-up, at least he did for the season opener against Milwaukee. He started #1 pick Derrick Rose and 6-7 Thabo Sefolosha (who?) in the backcourt. Ben Gordon and Kirk Hrinrich are coming off the bench. Look for the Celtics to pick on Thabo whether he’s covering Ray or Paul.

There are a couple of good head-to-head matchups in this one: Rajon Rondo vs Derrick Rose and K.G. vs Tyrus Thomas – who happens to be best friends with Glen Davis.

“Glen and I talk four or five times a week, and he knows whenever I play somebody who makes you play, who brings it, I like it,” Thomas said. “That stuff helps my confidence and helps me get better. I love going against ‘K.G.’ “

Anyone going to tonight’s game? Better yet – will you be wearing a costume? We’d love to see pics.

Shank 4 Months Late On Pierce Tribute
October 31, 2008

The Celtics won the title in June.  You know… when the leaves that just fell off the trees we just little buds? 

So even if you wanted to let the taste of cigar and champagne sink in for a little while, the time to finally acknowledge that Paul Pierce has entered the pantheon of all-time Celtics was back THEN (like we did in July), not October 31, like Dan Shaughnessy.   

He didn’t even write the damn piece after opening night (like this).  It’s 3 days later.  We’re playing the Bulls tonight. 

Here are some thoughts for your next piece: 

  • James Posey Could Be A Tough Loss
  • Pitino Really Set The Celtics Back
  • Maybe Marc Acres Isn’t The Answer
  • Walker Wiggle: Too Much?

I don’t know why I bang on Shank, though.  He’s part of the reason why we (and blogs in general) are doing so well.  Why wait 3 days for some overpaid hack to get around to your favorite topic?  Go to a place like Red’s Army, and get something relevant.  So I guess I should be thanking him.  Keep up the great work!

Update:  the comments are starting to turn into other old topics Shank can write about now.  Everyone chime in!

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More Awards for the Truth
October 30, 2008

Our friends at have named Paul Pierce their Bostonian of the Week. Paul’s play in the season opening win over the Cavs has been overshadowed by his weepy appearance during the ring/banner ceremony. Not only did the Truth drop 27 pts (10-19FG) on LBJ, but he did so without much help from his co-stars. Anyone else notice KG and Ray were a combined 7-24 from the field for a total of 19 points? So all those haters can keep cracking those cryin’ jokes. Pierce looks like a man on a mission. 

In other news, the Lakers are throwing $58 million at Andrew Bynum. Count J.A. Adande as one of the few writers who thinks Bynum still has a lot to prove.

For the Lakers, the desire to lock up a player who has shown the potential to join the small fraternity of elite big men in the NBA has been tempered by the small sample pool of games in which Bynum has actually performed well. He was used sparingly as a rookie, his production dropped off after a solid start to his second season, then his breakout third year was cut short by a knee injury in January. Bynum is averaging 7.2 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in his career.

Adande also points out that Clippers center Chris Kaman has outperformed Bynum to date. Yet Lakers fans across the board insist he’s the guy who will put LA over the top.  

Thank You Mr. D.
October 30, 2008

He’s the guy that bailed us out against Cleveland.

In the second half, Mr. D took the court.  Suddenly, there were no easy baskets.  Cleveland’s shots were challenged.  They weren’t given second chances.  The boys in white had their best buddy back, and they were all shutting LeBron and the Cavs down.  Mr. Defense smacked the Celtics in the face, looked them in the eye, and said “you’re better than these guys, but only with me around.”  A 13 point 3rd quarter later, we all remembered how much we need Mr. D around.  35 total Cavs points in the second half made us remember why we were even celebrating a championship Tuesday night.  38.8% shooting by the Cavs in the second half made us wonder why he wasn’t there for a full game. 

Here are some shots of the game from regular reader Jesse.  He apologized for the quality… which is funny… because I wish my pictures came out that well.

Scott over at BostonSportz thinks Bob Ryan is a bitter old man… because of his take on Paul Pierce’s speech.

And I suddenly really love Gregg Popovich… for this:  the best ever use of “Hack A Shack” (via The Hoop Doctors)

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Hey Lakers…
October 29, 2008


October 29, 2008

It’s back!

(Via Ball Don’t Lie)

Last Night’s Fan Videos
October 29, 2008

Just a sampling of the videos from last night’s banner raising that some fans have posted on YouTube.  If you have a video or photos, pass them along.


How About That Patrick O’Bryant?
October 29, 2008

Let me start by saying that I’m not launching into an over-analysis of this team after only one game.  As Chuck said in last night’s recap, these guys were understandably emotional last night.  There’s no way we can judge performances based solely on last night.


We can look at the lack of Patrick O’Bryant as a sign of how far he still has to go.  When you leave your newly signed 7 footer on the bench to play an undersized forward against a guy pushing 8 feet tall… that says something.  We saw a sign of that the other day when Doc said there’s “Celtics speed” and then there’s “Patrick speed.” 

A lot of us liked what we saw in the preseason, and there’s no doubt he’s got the potential.  And again, let me stress that this isn’t a criticism of him or a criticism of Danny for signing him.  It’s just me calling attention to the fact that, after some positives in the preseason, O’Bryant clearly hasn’t done enough to earn any playing time yet. 

One thing we need to watch for is how he responds to a DNP in a game where he had a chance to play.  I’m sure he thought that a chance to work against a big, slow Zydrunas Ilgauskas would be perfect for him.  Now, what does he do in practice to make sure the next time Perk gets into foul trouble, he gets a chance to play?

Quick question on Perk, again playing off what Chuck said last night:  Should we just accept that this is going to be what Perk is… a foul-prone bruiser that will occasionally bust out for a big night?  I love Perk, but at what point does he stop committing some of those unnecessary fouls?

Over on, I look at why Paul Pierce’s display of emotion was good for the team.

And when Paul Pierce cried those tears of joy (and maybe a little relief), he also showed his younger teammates a little something about being a Celtic.

Being a Celtic is different. It IS about trying to be a member of “the club.” It IS about pouring your heart and soul into a kids game, whether you make the league minimum, or $17 million a year. It IS about showing the fans you care about what you’re doing as much as we care about what you’re doing

After the jump, today’s links, and the YouTube video of Leon Powe posterizing Delonte West


The People’s Champion
October 29, 2008

Red’s Army says, the people have spoken.  And Red’s Army says, WE are the people’s champion.  Red’s Army says take a look at the results… scroll halfway down the page… and see this:

Red’s Army also says… it’s fun to be obnoxious and speak in the third person… especially after a few shots of Jager. 

Seriously… thanks to all who voted for us.  All of these Celtics blogs are awesome, so to see us at the top of any listing is great.