That’s Not The Bynum I Know

This is going to inspire a lot of “If he was here in the Finals, we’d have won” talk from Lakers trolls… but THAT’S not the Bynum that would have shown up.  Someone spent some time in the weight room while rehabbing that hopelessly destroyed knee.

Ball Don’t Lie has the “before” photo for comparison’s sake.  Now let’s see how this affects his game.

Here’s a link to the rest of the Celtics previews done today.  Everyone is predicting 58-60 wins.  What do you think?


18 Responses

  1. This only makes his potential impact that more improbable.

    If his knee was that badly damaged, and he’s going to try to come back from it with significantly more weight on his frame, he may end up ruining his career permanently.

  2. Keep giving yourself a glimmer of hope Danno…fact of the matter is…celtics fans are shitting themselves right now….now that a new season is about to begin and championship memories will be eliminated by the lakers winning in 09

  3. Lakers fans putting all their hope on a player coming back from knee surgery. Good luck with that. Doesn’t say much for the Lakers if they have to depend on a player with very little experience. And that is all the Lakers fans have done. Reality is they will probably do worse.

  4. Dwight Howard is pretty big as well. Where has that got him so far?

  5. Dwight is a monster.

  6. “Dwight is a monster” who blows in the playoffs.

  7. That doesn’t change the size of the man.

    Besides.. he’s still in his early 20’s. He’s got time to grow into a better playoff performer.

  8. Dwight Howard is the ARod of the NBA.

    Mr. November.

    and yeah – a I’m really trying to give myself a “glimmer of hope”.

    It’s not like the Celtics aren’t the Odds-On favorite to win it all again this year by EVERY SINGLE ESPN NBA expert.

    Nah. We’re all shitting our diapers over here worrying about the Lakers and their cuddly soft frontcourt. Jesus. Where do these trolls come from?

  9. How much do you want to lay down the Lakers dont even make the finals this year?

  10. I’m just waiting to see how the chemistry works out between that front court, to much touches need to go around esp. with kobe on the team, might be pretty difficult for “the great” zenmaster to manage… I’m guessing the chemistry they had last year might get blown up this year, going to be a different team and need a different approach. I don’t think they can just put this guy in as center and think everything will be better, they will struggle, atleast early on, all you laker fans will see, and if they dont? sweet! we’ll see you in the finals :) boston is going to dominate cannot waiiiiit

  11. Hey guys….

    If he was here in the Finals, we’d have won…


  12. yeah but the ‘before’ picture was him when he was like 17 years old..

  13. According to Kevin Ding, an NBA columnist for The Orange County Register, the entire league (including the Celtics) are in trouble. The title of his article is “If you thought Bynum was good last year, just wait.” He goes on to say that “Bynum is bigger, faster and better in EVERY possible way (again) because he worked at it (again). That’s why the personal goal he revealed Wednesday – making the All-Star team in February – is absolutely realistic.”

    He continues, “Caring enough to set lofty goals is part of the right attitude. Bynum is even peeking ahead to 2012, when he hopes to be on the next Olympic team with Kobe Bryant. Again, absolutely realistic.”

    Yet he isn’t done talking about his improvements. He goes on by saying that “He rehabbed his knee in New York, he worked out like a MANIAC in Atlanta, and he has returned to Los Angeles with a visibly thicker frame, faster shuttle times, more weight he can squat (there’s no tougher test for a knee than that lift) and another inch on his vertical.” The ‘there’s no tougher test for a knee’ comment addresses Danno’s concerns.

    If you thought he was finally finished giving credit, he further states that “Bynum also has a left hand waiting to be revealed this season, in addition to the long-awaited “skyhook.” Wow, the skyhook guys? Are we having the second coming of the Showtime Lakers?

    Here’s the link for those who want to dissect that article some more:

  14. the Orange County Register.


    That’s like quoting the sports section of the World Weekly News as if it were equivalent to or Sports Illustrated.

  15. why should the celtics be scared of the lakers with andrew bynum? i think im much more scared of the rockets with artest, the hornets with posey, the sixers with brand, or the blazers with oden

  16. I just had a crazy thought,

    Andrew bynum- was taken somewhere around the 11-13th pick in the nba draft, came out prematurly with high upside and raw talent not yet ready to make a contribution for an nba team, since in the nba has shown flashes of being really good but has mostly been overhyped and hurt

    Patrick O bryant- taken with the 9th pick in the nba draft, came out early ou of college, was seen to have a high upside but not yet ready for the nba, went to the warriors where he did, not suprisingly, not get a shot to play in nellies run and gun offense

  17. Why should any Celtics fan be worried about a team that’s not even in our conference? There’s this team called the Cavaliers who actually play in the East. They have the actual best player (as much as Kobe fans may disagree) and they just got one of the better PG’s in the league and the first legit #2 scorer Lebron’s played with in Mo Williams. Worried about the Lakers? or Spurs? or Hornets? or Rockets? or whoever else in the West? I don’t think so. All of you on the West Coast can feel free to focus only on the Celtics though. Then it won’t just be your Christmas that’s ruined, but your whole year.

  18. I’m a Celtics fan first…
    Laker hater second…

    It’s like a Sox blog hating on the Yankees. That’s what we do.

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