Get Him To San Francisco

Angela Rowlings/Boston Herald

Photo: Angela Rowlings/Boston Herald

Any chance we can excuse Ray Allen for 10 days so he can run the Pats offense?

Here’s a different thought:  When the 2nd round of the NBA draft comes around next year… all the other GM’s in the league should just pull their pants down and bend over… because Danny Ainge keeps boning them all.

This year.. it’s gonna be Bill Walker.  In fact… I’m going to hire Leon Powe and Bill Walker to be my security for when I go out (look… a blogger of my stature needs security).  Because they’re both bad-ass.  For example

“Bill Walker is playing extremely well,” Doc Rivers said. “He attacks. We tell him that this is a competition, and he gets it. He was aggressive out there.”

Walker, who got into a mild jawing match with Kevin Garnett yesterday, also doesn’t seem to be unduly wowed by his celebrated company.

There’s no “Oh man… that’s KG!” in this kid.  There’s no crapping his pants in the presence of the World Champion Celtics.  There’s just intensity.  And yeah… intensity + intensity will equal some explosions… and that’s great.  So jaw away, Billy.  Do your thing.  Paul Pierce is impressed.

“He’s a helluva talent, man,” said Pierce. “He has a great attitude, too. He’s going to be good for us.”


One really good note in that same link:

Don’t expect to see a lot of Garnett, Pierce and Allen in the exhibition schedule. Not only does Rivers have to scrutinize the end of his 16-man roster, with one cut mandated by the start of the season, but the stars are already up to speed.

“I’m not going to play them as much as last year,” Rivers said.

Giggity Giggity.  Camp is 3 days old and I’m itchin’ for the season to start.  I’m loving everything I hear so far.

Herald:  Doc hopes Leon, Davis can step up  | Globe:  O’Bryant tries to find his role  |  Refs Cleared  |  Daily News:  C’s try to find Posey’s replacement  |  Fox Sports:  Burning question for every team  |  ESPN:  After summer of love, C’s return for chest bumping  | Deadspin’s Celtics Preview


3 Responses

  1. “Giggity, Giggity” Nice!

  2. There’s going to be a strong chance of head winds…. giggity.. haha i love it

  3. […] already told you that Bill Walker is impressing people.  All-in-all… not a bad bunch of stories coming out of the first week.  On the flip side, […]

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