So Far, So Good

Making it to work four days in a row isn’t a big deal – unless you’re Darius Miles.

“I usually go two or three hard days and take a day off, just to be real cautious with the knee,” Miles said. “I wanted to practice every day, if I can. I don’t want to miss learning anything. This is my first time playing four days in a row and I felt good. I just kept trying to stretch it and stay loose. I felt better than I did [Thursday].”

Keep up the good work Darius, just lay off the diet pills. I’m absolutely stunned at the results of our poll pitting James Posey against Tony Allen. 44-percent of you think TA will be better this year than Po-Z was last year. Some of us need to re-play those playoff highlites of Posey draining 3s and taking charges. Even if Allen’s completely healthy, he has miles to go mentally before reaching Posey’s level. Doc is looking for someone to lead that second unit…which could be Miles or gulp, Allen.

“We’ll develop that,” Rivers said. “Posey showed the importance of a role player, what his significance to the team could be. He kept the second unit intact. There were times when we had the entire second unit on the floor and extended leads, and we have to work back to that. But I’ve never named a captain in my coaching career, never named a leader, because it doesn’t matter who I name, it’s up to the players. We’ll have to wait and see who that person is [for the second unit].”

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If you’re a baller who loves sneakers (John – your sandal fetish doesn’t count) check out Footlocker’s new Share Your Sole contest, the winner gets a trip to the 2009 NBA All-Star game.

And congrats to former HoopsWorld blogger Jessica Camerato who scored the same gig with


5 Responses

  1. I voted for TA in that poll simply because at the time i read the quote and felt his confidence i was swayed to believe he could do something special this year. Now, looking back i still cry every night wishing Posey was back because he was soooo important to what we did. WHYYY POSEYY

  2. i hope ta is as good as he can be this season, but the numbers of that vote would be radically different if poz was still on the team (i’m thinking 99% or so…)

  3. A thought just occurred to me…. After the celtics thumped the lakers in June, the Sox are about to put the kabosh on the LA Angels (of Anaheim). Now I can root for the Dodgers to get to the World Series so we can complete the Tri-fecta!!

  4. Damn Right zippittyay…. We own LA

  5. Get over Posey! He’s gone and TA is going to have to step up this year. Lets go TA!!

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