Walker Fits The Bill

I really wanted to take a crack at one of those bad pun headlines that the Globe likes to use. 

Gotta say… I feel like I need a shower.

I don’t want to build expectations up beyond Bill Walker’s ability to fulfill them… but he’s going to be the best player the Celtics ever had. 

Or, at least, he’s doing well enough where people continue to make a point to say good things about his progress.  This comes from a separate piece on Ray Allen from today’s Herald

While the young guys continue to have issues, Bill Walker is emerging from that pack.

“They’re all behind, but they should be,” Rivers said. “Billy’s better because he’s used to playing the 3. He attacks the basket. He’ll live on the foul line. We’ve got to work on his handle a little bit, but if he can catch off the cuts, he’s going to live on the foul line.”

As for his outside shot, the coach said, “It’s better than I thought it was, but he has to improve it.

“I tell you, he’s good. Billy listens so well. You tell him something, he tries to do it. He’ll come ask you. He’s been great. He’s not your typical rookie that thinks he’s got it figured out already. He’s been a pleasant surprise.

“He would have gone early if he was healthy. I think he would have been mid-first (round) to definitely low first. But everyone was scared of his knee, and we were clearly in a position to take the chance.”

Mark Spears has a piece on our other Allen… how he’s glad to be back… and how he almost played for the Thunder.

Allen received interest from several teams, most notably the Oklahoma City Thunder (formerly the Seattle SuperSonics). Allen visited Thunder officials in Seattle and Oklahoma City. The Thunder, however, opted to sign Jazz restricted free agent guard C.J. Miles to a four-year, $25 million offer sheet. Miles averaged 5 points per game last season while Allen averaged 6.6.

“I was ready [to sign]. I guess everything happens for a reason. But right now, I’m not thinking about none of that. It’s a new year. I’m looking forward to being a piece to this puzzle.”

Just something to keep in mind as we watch Tony Allen this year.  Watch CJ Miles… and then later we’ll see who got the better of the deal.

Jess Camerato, now at WEEI, talked to Glen Davis and Leon Powe.  Hoopsworld’s Travis Keith asks if Boston can repeat.  And Steve Nash ain’t going anywhere soon.


5 Responses

  1. This is good to hear, i have been high on Walker ever since his article in ESPN and im really excited to see how he plays out

    if all goes well the NBA might have to give the Celtics two first rounders and take away their second round pic because its just not fair that danny is that much better at drafting 2cd rounders than everybody else

    if he was an NFL gm he would pick a tom brady every year

  2. Right now who does it look like will fill the third post roll, Leon, Big Baby, or Patrick O.B,

    During the playoffs last year it was Brown, but most of the year during crunch time they played the line up of thE BIG Three, POse, and eddie or Rondo, What do you thinks Docs crunch time lineup this year will be?



  4. The 3rd post role will depend on matchups. You’ll see games where Powe gets run and POB sits… and vice versa. I don’t think POB has impressed to a point where he’s the first big off the bench.

    And to be honest… I wonder if both Powe and Baby will be here by opening day. I fear Danny’s talk of cut or trade opening day could involve a trade of one of those guys for a draft pick next year. But that’s just my fear. He might feel they’re redundant…. and there’s no need to keep both if they both do the same things.

    Crunch time lineup will depend on what kind of crunch time.

    Crunch time with a lead (and assuming no foul trouble) will probably be KG, Perk, Paul, TA, Rondo. Crunch time trailing could be KG, Paul, Ray, Rondo and either TA or House (depending on how far down we are).

    Of course… it all hinges on Tony stepping up his game. It’s hard to make those determinations after a week of camp.

    And if you see Scal, Sam and Gabe in the game together… it’s either VERY bad… or VERY good.

  5. really trading powe or big baby by opening day?

    i thought that it may have been good to package one of them in a draft day deal, but now would seem like an awkward time to do it

    powe probly could have got the c’s robin lopez in the right package considering his stock soared a little after his finals appearence, i dont understand why ainge would wait and trade for a future pick when the upcoming draft is alot weaker than this years was

    that being said if we could only keep one of them who would you rather have?

    powe does have explosiveness and a great ability to score but i think i would lean towards big babys defense and rebounding, plus last year the refs pretty much let guys all but take a baseball bat to his head when he went up for baskets in the lane, so he most likely will gain toughness from that and he will start to get more calls

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