“I’m a Finisher”

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You certainly are, Bill Walker. Anyone who saw those two nasty dunks in the first half of tonight’s game against the Sixers can attest to that. Walker followed up his energetic 6 minute first half stint with this line:

“Gotta be aggressive, passive guys don’t make it in this league.”

It’s taken me one preseason game to become infatuated with this kid.

Some other observations:

  • Patrick O’Bryant is one long dude. He’s also athletic and active. I was impressed.
  • Not a hint of rust from KG, Ray and Paul. They played like it was Game 7 of the Finals.
  • If they are unable to trade him for a sack of crap, the C’s should buyout Brian Scalabrine. He’s noticeably fatter and slower.
  • Don’t you love those ticket promos full of highlites from the Finals?

Box Score

Like KG, Ray and Paul, I’m also on limited duty this pre-season. Goodnight!


9 Responses

  1. Chuck, one of the things I love about you – and it could very well be the only thing – is the way you spread around the man love.

  2. Billy “SKY” Walker is a BEAST!

  3. The reaction from the bench was priceless.

  4. haha yeah Tim the benches reaction really was almost as good as the dunk itself. Im excited to see more of this kid this year!

  5. POB caught a nice oop in the 3rd too.

    The bench after Walker’s dunk was hilarious. It looked like a mosh pit.

  6. is their a video of it anywhere?

  7. Any where i can see the video?

  8. haha i found it and that was beastly, on a more positive note though theo ratliffs finally gonna be featured in a poster again

  9. I agree completely about Scal. It’d be a travesty if we have to cut Pruitt (doubtful) or even Miles because Scal makes too much money. The guy is completely useless. Two times a year he’ll get a timely rebound and putback and that’s about it. Personally, I never would’ve resigned Cassell to make it 16 people in the 1st place but that’s where we are.

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