Pruitt Getting A Chance To Play

The Globe’s Frank Dell’Apa reports Sam Cassell will miss tonight’s game because his grandfather suffered a heart attack. 

First… we wish his grandfather well and hope he recovers.

But basketball-wise, this will be an opportunity for Gabe Pruitt.  Gabe has had a lot of success in the NBDL, but he seems to be in a tough situation with the C’s.  Getting some solid NBA run, preseason or not, could be great for him.

Personally, I put Pruitt in the “possible preseason trade” category along with Leon Powe and Glen Davis as the C’s try to figure out which of the 16 current players will be pared down to make the roster limit.  This is pure speculation… but I feel like Powe and Baby are a little redundant.  They’ll either eliminate that redundancy (I learned that phrase in management class)… or they’ll eliminate one of their 4 point guards.  Maybe Gabe can play his way onto someone else’s roster starting tonight.

I know the Celtics SAID they’ll carry 4 PG’s into the season…. but I don’t buy anything any team says when they’re deciding on a roster move.


4 Responses

  1. Man I hope you are wrong about the trade. I like having Davis and Powe together on the court. That combo worked in a few games last year. Hope they cut Cassell and leave him as a reserve-coach. Maybe Gibbens to Europe? Davis and Powe add a lot of chemistry to the team that is just as important as skill

  2. Basketball baby. Celtics basketball. Wow. This is a great day.

    I love the pre-season…. It’s when we all fell in love with Rajon, Delonte, Leon, even Gerald. It’s when Paul Pierce gets stabbed and still comes to play a pre-season game against the Knicks I believe. It’s when the true fans rule the arenas at the end of games. Oh man, this is great stuff.

  3. Just cut Scal. He brings NOTHING to this team.

  4. Im with you dave C…cut Scal…trade him …do whatever…just get rid of him…he brings nothing….Id rather keep everyone else and get rid of him.

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