Who Was Worse?

Elgin Baylor should be saying thanks to Isiah Thomas… because Zeke has a firm grasp on the title of “biggest management disaster by an all time great player”

Or… does he?

After 22 years in the Clipper organization, Baylor is out as VP of Basketball Operations

The Clippers have been consistently bad over his entire reign.  But somehow, there was always a glimmer of hope.  With Isiah Thomas, there was never really any hope.  So the question is… who was the bigger disaster:  Elgin Baylor’s long-term, consistently bad but oddly hopeful reign in LA…. or Isiah Thomas’ short-term, spectacular blast of failure?


4 Responses

  1. At least Isiah tanked NY in just a few years and they can move on. Sure they’re in shambles but now there isn’t a road block for hope.

    Elgin walked that fine line forcing LAC fans(?) to suffer for 22 years of no hope, no joy and no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Elgin’s horrible reign of total, unending mediocrity was worse.

    I heart you Danny.

  2. Isiah was SPECTACULARLY bad. Least we forget, this was the guy who would buy out players to make room for another player who he would cut and buy out shortly after. He’s the guy, when nobody wanted to come within 50-feet of Eddy Curry not only gave him 50M, but effectively gave up two first rounders in the process. Isiah was amazingly horrible. Elgin was just incompetent.

  3. At least Baylor doesn’t sexually horass his employees.

  4. Interesting discussion, I need to go with Isiah.

    Also, Simmons had a very good article today about Baylor the player. I certainly didn’t know he’d been that good, but then again, I’m 23…

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