Doc Rips Big Baby


Courtesy: AP

Here’s the only negative thing Doc had to say about Wednesday night’s preseason opener against Philly:

“I didn’t think anybody played poorly,” he said before pivoting. “Well, actually I did. I thought Baby (Glen Davis) played poorly, honestly. I thought he turned the ball over, was going too fast, didn’t set a lot of picks. So he’s got to have a better (stretch) from this point to the start of the season than he has from this point since the start of training camp.”

Davis’ line: 6 pts, 2-5 FG, 3 Reb, 5 TOs in 19 minutes. As Scott Souza states in the above article, Doc is using the media to kick Big Baby in the ass. You won’t find any objections here. I just hope Davis reacts the right way…and doesn’t start sulking.

Paul Pierce was on WEEI’s Big Show yesterday…and thanks to the Globe’s Chad Finn who transcribed it, we’ve learned the Truth wasn’t truly healthy at all last season:

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m a lot healthier this season. A lot of people don’t know this, but I wasn’t 100 percent for most of last season. Before the season, I had a bone bruise in my left knee, and that was an issue for most of the year. I give Doc [Rivers] a lot of credit [for making sure it didn’t become a worse problem.] It didn’t heal until April, the playoffs, and then I hurt my right knee in the finals . . . [So I feel much healthier now.]

Tommy Heinsohn is adding to his “homer” reputation. He’s only working Celtics home games this year. Donny Marshall gets the call on the road for Comcast. 

For those headed to the D&D Center in Providence to catch the Celtics-Cavs, you won’t see Kendrick Perkins, Sam Cassell or Sasha Pavlovic.


11 Responses

  1. I think baby will bounce back, I dont see him having the sulking mentality, he will work that much harder now. Nice mental game Doc did with saying that to the media to get him going…but i doubt Baby needed that…im sure he knew he sucked it up…especially the turnovers…5 TO is bad even for 40 minutes and he did that in 19……I expect the next game will be different…..pluse he comes from the SEC , so he will be OK!!

  2. I don’t know what a homer is, but Tommy Heinsohn is 74. He probably was told by his physician that he shouldn’t be traveling. He probably still wants to be involved with the organization and Comcast was willing to keep him around for home games. So this is the compromise they came up with. That makes him a homer?

  3. Tommy is a Homer, and that’s what makes him great. He’s music to any true Celtics fans ears. Because lets face it, besides Tommy & Mike and Max & Grande – there isn’t a single NBA play by play/color guy in the world who will give the Celtics their due, Championship or no. All throughout the playoffs it was a hatefest on the C’s. The TBS/TNT and ESPN/ABC guys had Lebron’s, Billups, & Kobe’s cocks jammed so far down their throats, it wasn’t even funny.

    What I’ve realized is that Tommy is the only TRUE color man in the NBA. He supports the team that he’s known his whole life. The one that pays him his salary. That’s what the Home Team’s color man is SUPPOSED to do.

    And he, just like I, cannot stand to listen to all the lameassed, “impartial only for the sake of credibility” ESPN dunderheads who seem to pretty much hate the sports they cover, and are merely using their jobs as a stepping stone to something bigger.

    If it weren’t for guys like Tommy & Rem Dawg, and Gil Santos – we might as well just put David Hasslehoff and Paris Hilton in the commentary booth. They’d have about the same amount of emotional investment in the game they are covering as guys like Mike Breen or Joe Buck.

  4. I like Tommy too, but not when he crosses the line from home color analyst to dumb-ass fan. There needs to be some balance…and I think Remy has mastered that.

  5. Remy can at least admit when the other team got screwed.

  6. You gotta love Tommy! I think he is the most entertaining announcer for Boston Sports. You can tell that he really cares about the Celtics when he is calling the game. I also like the fact that he reacts like a fan would watching the game. It’s hilarious!

    Cousy is a pretty good announcer as well because he is brutally honest.

  7. Well we know we need to reduce by at least one player on this roster. Sounds like Doc is trying to set him up for a trade. The media puts the word out that he is available. Hope I am wrong though, like him on the team and especially on the court at the same time with Powe. Good way to tire out an opponent

  8. I really am curious who is going to be cut or traded to cut down the roster. I heard that it was going to be one of Giddens, walker, or miles but i REALLY hope thats not the case. I wish we could get rid of scal, cassell, or if it comes down to it….big baby since he and powe are exactly the same player except powe is a little more athletic and can score

  9. If the Celtics do not cut Scal, I’ll go on strike. Enough is enough with him; its been fun, but we all know he might be the worst player in the NBA.

  10. It’s too bad that Comcast cut Cousy. It was a nice treat when he’d call a game.

    Scal is fun to have around to do funny interviews and unexpected post-game press conferences, but I he’s reached his basketball plateau (and it’s not that high). We need to be down a man by the time the season opens, and I hope it’s not Pruitt, Giddens or Baby that gets cut. We need to develop these guys because the Three Party ain’t gonna be around forever. I’m not a huge fan of the Cassell signing, but maybe Danny wanted him bad enough as a coach that he had to agree to let him play another year. Bottom line is that we should keep the young guys around to develop into solid ballers.

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