It didn’t take Crazy Ron Artest long to influence the entire Rockets team. Artest continues to embarass himself with his “defensive play.” He brutalized Paul Pierce and Ray Allen tonight in NH. The always soft and playoff gag-master Tracy McGrady got into the mix by shoving Bill Walker to the ground and then mixing it up with Pierce and Eddie House. Here’s a news flash: it takes more than cheap play to make you title contenders. Oh yeah, the C’s won 90-89 thanks to a Gabe Pruit 15-footer with 6 seconds left.

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  1. Pierce looked so nonchalant while restraining McGrady [choke-job] it was comical… Not only does choke-job go after a guy much smaller than him …per usual he waits until there are plenty of people inbetween before pretending to throw a punch… Meanwhile Pierce seems like he’s thinking about choke-job and what he’s gone through his career, and where he’d be had last season not happend …Paul might be annoyed or upset at Choke-job and the Rockets for trying to poke the big dogs with a stick. BUT…last season DID happen … and Mr Pierce is now Mr. “3 hour massage and 2 month vegas vacation” ….. Choke-job reminds him of his oldself… he probably feels he owes a duty to keep McGrady out of trouble -besides- he’s had it hard enough right?? I mean c’mon…look at the picture….he looks like a 155lb guy who just got sand kicked on his dungeons and dragons solar powered radio at the beach….

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