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Am I the only one who sees/feels/senses the Celtics’ swagger this year? I know we are just two games into the pre-season but it’s there. The guys are looking, walking, talking and playing with such confidence. Maybe it’s all in my head. That life-size mural of KG holding the O’Brien trophy that I had painted on my living room wall might be fueling my dementia.

Bill Walker reminds me of Tony Allen during his rookie season. A guy we really didn’t know much about who bursts onto the scene with a variety of high-flying dunks. Let’s hope a serious injury doesn’t derail this freight train.

As for the one roster cut the Celtics need to make, a decision might not come until the end of pre-season:

“Someone who can really play won’t make our team,” Rivers said. “But we’re still going to need a lot of time to get a look at what we have. I could see it going to the last day.”

The decision is made in my mind. It’s Brian Scalabrine. Period.

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  1. I’m with ya. And the team chemistry is still there too. These guys all jumping around after Bill Walker dunks… it’s already fun to watch

  2. They’re probably still at Finals intensity. They probably want nothing more than to fast forward through the season and start the playoffs. But man, TA looks good. The injury is even further in his mind, but the big thing was when the team told him they need him by signing him and asking him to replace Posey. And that does a lot for a guy’s confidence. I think his free throw % is a huge indicator that the tentative TA is long gone.

  3. I will be giddins, miles, or even Gabe doc said this
    Someone who can really play won’t make our team that’s not Scallie…………….. if he does get cut, can we get a photo shop of him in something creative?

  4. sure… I’ll take requests

  5. No one on the corner got swagger like BOS, swagger like BOS, swagger swagger like BOS.

  6. If they cut anybody but Scal I’m really going to be upset but Doc truly likes what he sees from the guy and I don’t get it.
    In the post game Doc said he thought the game really turned around with Scal’s Defensive pressure…. I almost lost it

  7. So guys, how long will it take your franchise to win another 6 championships? You’ve got one, you need five more. Anyone care to predict (RedsArmy)? I predict 75 to 100 years. I am actually leaning for 100 years since the Celtics are no longer that dynastic team that they once were. They’ve lost their ways.

  8. How long will it take whatever your team you are rooting for to get 6 championships? ambassador–shut up you just sound jealous because obviously your fav team did not win the championship last year.

  9. Jealous Bulls fans…. hah.

  10. What this dolt doesn’t seem to understand is that the Celtics have 17 titles… not 1. So the Bulls have a lot of work to do. Unless they clone MJ… they’re going to be waiting for a while.

  11. I’d cut Sam. It should be Scal but we need to understand the monetary side and, maybe, the value of his expiring contract, and dont forget that we’re talking about de 15th spot of the roster.
    Sam as an assistant coach, learning the plays and training with the team, being a mentor to Pruitt and Rondo. And, if we need it, we could bring him for the playoffs but in good shape AND knowing all the plays.
    Scal, of course, inactive forever.
    Giddens to the DLeague.
    The other inactive spot should be match by match. Probably Miles one match and Walker the next, perhaps we could keep both in some match against a small team (height terms) and have the posibitity of using Miles as PF in case of foul trouble and give some rest to Davis or Powe.
    Remember that Allen, although a little short, could play the three.

    Just one opinion.

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