Scal Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

There is a growing sentiment out there that the Celtics should cut Brian Scalabrine.  And no matter what you say about Scal… he’s not getting cut.

Marc Spears mentions this at the end of his piece on James Posey today.  The point, simply, is that the Celtics are not going to eat the remaining $6.6 million of his salary.  In this economy… with the Celtics already $23 mil. over the cap (essentially making their payroll $104 mil this year)… don’t think the C’s are going to just throw another $6.6 million away.

So just take that all in… accept the fact that he’s here… and move on.  Stop getting pissed off about him being on the floor during the preseason.  Just relax, enjoy the fact that the Celtics are defending an NBA title, and treat Scal like the human victory cigar (or surrender flag) that he is.


12 Responses

  1. I have a strong feeling they are going to cut DMiles, and I dont like it. I think he just needs a little time and he could be very beneficial to the team

  2. They won’t cut him if he’s getting things mentally. If he knows what he should be doing… but can’t quite do it yet… they’ll recognize it.

    However, if they cut him… it’s because they feel like he’s just not going to get it at all… or he’ll never get healthy enough to get it.

    I still think that we’re looking at a trade situation. Why cut a guy who can play when you can trade him for a 2nd round pick?

  3. The Celtics are wasting $6.6 million even if Scalabrine makes the teams…because he sucks. Its wasted money either way you look at it. Whomever they keep instead of Scal…will be the extra money.

  4. i feel like i asked this at the beginning of last season (and every season)… but what if scal retired?
    would he still count against the cap?

    i would even be ok with the celts signing him as a strength coach or something, even if it was for the same salary as he makes now.
    less luxury tax, darius miles doesn’t get cut, scal plays the same amount of time.

  5. Dump Miles Scal will stay he wears number 44 nuff said!

  6. Portland would pay Miles’ $8 mil, so you could look at it like that. Even if you cut Scal and hypothetically put his salary on Miles, you’d still be getting Miles for less than his contract. That being said, we wouldn’t have Miles if he cost anything more than the minimum, so nevermind. My real point however is that Scal is a waste of space. Maybe he’s just so smart that having him in practice helps everyone learn the plays quicker, but he would have to be Albert Einstein to be worth keeping over someone who can actually compete in the NBA. He was fine when our team had an average age of 17 and we needed someone who knew what he was doing, but with this team he has no purpose.

  7. Here’s what I know about Scal: the fans and coaching staff have radically different views about him.

    And considering we see very little of him and the staff sees him every day…. they might know something we don’t.

    It’s not like it matters. Our starting 5 should be among the best… if not the best… starting squads in the league. I doubt the staff will cut someone who can help off the bench just to keep Scal. If someone goes, it’s because he just can’t get it.

    But as I’ve said a million times… a trade seems to make more sense… and no one is taking Scal in a deal right now.

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  9. You’ve convinced me John…I love Scal now!

    I actually feel bad for the guy. He knows he sucks and he knows that we know that he sucks. I think he tries hard, he just wasn’t blessed with a lot of athletic talent. But some people like him. And if those people have the luxury of seeing Scal mopping up a 50 point blowout against the New York Knicks, then they leave happy, so whatever. At least he isn’t in our starting lineup.

  10. your kind of losing credibility with me on this one…
    scal is awful, easily one of the ten worst players with an nba contract.

    this team can afford to eat his contract, and miles would be a huge improvement over scal.

    “it’s not like it matters” i completely disagree.

  11. Has anyone checked Scals preseason stats….horrible….he really doesnt bring anything…Id buy him out, if they can just to be able to let the young guys soak up everything they can by being with the team…..I mean JR looks to be the one that should go to the D-league to make room….let him develope if thats waht they have to do. I hate they seem like they cant do anything with Scal , im not sure how he is in the league even..never has showed me anything….atleast be able to drill open threes , but he doesnt even do that……he needs to either step up or they need to buyout….bottom line….even Sam helps with the other Pgs so thats something….Come on Scal, take one for the team and retire.

  12. I’m a Scal fan, and I even think he should get cut. Sam Cassel should get cut as well, he’s just to old to keep up with the point guards today.
    During the preseason game I heard Tommy and Mike mention that DMiles has a no cut contract, I don’t know if anyone caught that. Does DMiles really have a no cut contract?

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