Big Improvements

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

One of the question marks going into the preseason was our low post play.  How will Perk’s shoulder be?  What’s Patrick O’Bryant going to really do for us?  Will Glen Davis and Leon Powe continue their surprising progression?

We’ll start finding out about Perk’s shoulder later this week… and Leon is making the most of his early, meaningful minutes.

But POB is proving to be a pretty good pick up.  He’s only been here for a couple of weeks, but he’s showing that he can go after rebounds, score occasionally, and… most importantly… play some defense.  He says he actually PREFERS to be known as a shot blocker.  Not only that… he invokes a philosophy of another fairly decent shot blocker in Celtics history.

“That’s Bill Russell right there,” O’Bryant said. “I read an article on him once and he said anybody can throw a blocked shot seven rows up and scream. But then it’s their ball and maybe an in-bounds play is their best play. If you keep it in play and, as long as the guards know what’s going on, it should fall in their hands.”

As for Glen Davis, he started camp with much higher expectations.  Doc already ripped Baby in the press once for not doing the things he’s supposed to do.  But Baby listened… took things the right way… and responded

“As a young player, it can be hard to take criticism,” said Davis. “You know it’s for your benefit, but you still don’t take it the right way sometimes.

“But I have to keep it in my mind to get out of myself, and to be more aware,” he said. “Then my role will come.”

Would it be fair to say there may be a log jam developing on the post?  KG, Perk, POB, Powe and Davis.  5 guys.  2 positions.  Call me crazy, but I don’t know how that can really last.  There are still 3 other starters and THEIR back-ups.  Can you REALLY play 11 guys a game?

The answer is no.  You can’t have 5 guys occupying 2 positions (especially if the Celtics really want to carry 4 pg’s into the season).  Sorry gang.  Someone is either going to get more DNP’s than they deserve… or someone is going to go. 

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7 Responses

  1. POB’s play has me thinking crazy things…like maybe he should be the starter. He’s so much more polished offensively than Perkins…but I realize they want defense from the position.

  2. All I want is a guy there that essentially makes our center position a 12-foul player. I think they compliment each other right now.

    Let’s see how we feel after a few games from Perk.

  3. KEEP ALL OF THEM, your not gonna get back the amount of talent that you would give up in trading one of them, i really cant single out one guy i would be happy about them giving up with the exception of sam cassell, i like the human victory cigar too much to see him go

  4. I think it’s J.R., what has he played 18 mins??? I wish it was Sam he brings Nothing……..

  5. haha I’m sure your not alone in that belief chuck. I feel like POB alongside garnett could turn out to be very effective as he matures as a player. I can’t decide who I would rather see starting, perk or POB… Both bring a little something different but Perk is just that real mean guy. Either way I like having them both. Looks good from that position if they can keep their fouls low. Seems they both might have that problem.

  6. I keep hearing Tommy and Mike saying that some of our big guys hit 15 footers in practice and warm ups with regularity. Guys like Perk, Baby and Leon. I think Perk has more offense than he lets on. There were a few plays last postseason where Perk had some nice inside moves. Hopefully he’s broken his habit of bringing the ball down to his knees. I’ve seen Baby and Leon hit 10-15 footers in preseason games this year, maybe the coaching staff is giving the big guys the green light to shoot more. But the way Perk played last year, he’s earned the starting job.

  7. Perk baby Perk!! POB has shown me something but you can’t replace Perk just yet because he has the rep around the league as an Enforcer & that gets into the heads of players believe it or not.

    But If POB keeps it up I think Perks gonna be outta here when his contract is up..

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