The Beast Returns

Frank Dell’Apa reports Kendrick Perkins was back at practice today.  In a related story, Doc Rivers just delivered the quote of the year so far:

“I thought he gave and lot of good hits. I don’t know if they were intentional but two or three people went down and Perk was standing near them, so I just assumed he’s the culprit.”

How awesome is that?  Said Perk:

“I felt the contact and it was cool,” Perkins said. “I just need to pace it and keep building it from here, keep doing the extra stuff, the conditioning. It’s been real frustrating but I’m happy to feel a part of it and be part of the rotation right now.

“I delivered a few hits, a few fouls. I was just trying to set some screens and get back into it, just trying to be physical and see where I’m at. Now, I just have to make sure to stay on top of it, and take care of myself.”

Looks like he’s on target to play Thursday Tuesday night.


4 Responses

  1. Nice to see he’s working on screens….he killed me last year with all those illegal picks.

    I’m on the POB bandwagon…Perk better have his shit together.

  2. I think Perk will be fine. I’ll tell you this. After watchingthe sox and pats totally suck… I’m more ready than ever to dive into the C’s. Looks like the spotlight will be all ours this winter

  3. How many times have the Sox been down though and come back? Don’t think the Sox should be counted out until they are eliminated because they have proven to come back.

  4. I realized that that in 04 and 07 the Sox were down 3-0 and 3-1. There’s still hope, even though Francona’s showed he can be really stupid. We’ll be down 3-1 after tonight; hopefully they can come back a third time.

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