Oh Boo Hoo

We love Bill “You Tube” Walker.  He’s a scrappy, aggressive, and he takes no crap from anyone.

Is that the view of him through green glasses?  It is if you ask Brett Edwards at FanHouse

Dude, it’s pre-season, and you’re a rookie. Stop starting brawls in the first quarter and show a little respect, my man. Unless of course, being an unlikeable front-runner with an imaginary chip on your shoulder is a pre-requisite for making the team. In which case, I completely understand … especially when that team is the Celtics.

Brett’s right.  When you’re trying like hell to make an impression on the defending champions… it’s better to be passive and let big stars push you around.  That’s sure to pay off for a second round pick with a non-guaranteed contract on a team that needs to make cuts.

Let’s make something clear here:  Brett Edwards once said Shaq dove after a loose ball because he has a big ego.  He’s a Kobe-loving Lakers fan who obviously will hate on the Celtics.  To say a rookie to should defer to big names on opposing teams when he’s fighting for a roster spot is ridiculous.  To suggest that aggressive play equals some sort of chip on your shoulder is equally ridiculous.

Bill Walker shows no fear on the court, which is how it should be.  He plays hard and, so far, we haven’t seen anything dirty.  If T-Mac couldn’t handle it… too bad. 

(Hat tip to Jeff at CelticsBlog)

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9 Responses

  1. I admire Bill Walker sticking up for himself.

    But… the way he went after T-Mac bothered me more than Darius Miles throwing up the Alien Antenna sign.

    Just play the game. This isn’t hockey. Yes, T-Mac Made a cheapshot on you. Be the bigger man and just get up and posterize him with a dunk instead of throwing fingers and pretending your buddies are holding you back.

  2. I am so dissapointed in my little Brett…he is supposed to let mommy look over anything he posts on the internet before it goes on and somehow this one got by me! It won’t happen again! Shame on you my son!

  3. I’ll concede that Walker spent too much time continuing to jaw at TMac. That needs to be tempered. But the demeanor on the court is something to be celebrated, not derided.

  4. Didn’t T-Choke start this whole thing? Its laughable to expect Walker to just walk away. Maybe he took it too far, but McGrady is the one who should be blasted for taking cheapshots at rookies. Doesn’t he have more important things to focus on in the preseason…like how he’s going to “lead” the Rockets to a title?

  5. I completely disagree, the rockets were trying to intimidate the celtics, they were playing overly aggressive and not getting any fouls called on themBill picked the perfect time to kinda send the, this nonsense is gonna stop, message after a cheapshot by Mcgrady If you dont believe me the, that was the point where the celtics got back on track and went on to win the game, eddie house followed his lead- enough saidbut shouldnt the article be about mcgrady not stooping so low as to cheap shot rookies in preseason games? i mean what do you expect from bill he is a youngster, they make those mistakes of getting to defensive and are abled to be lured into fights, you could do it to paul early in his career, and pretty much every other young player to come into the league poise is somethiing you develop, and clearly mcgrady hasnt developed that yet, or ron ron for that matter

  6. This is true the Refs absolutely butchered that game. Artest, Scola, and McGrady were all getting away with murder out there.

    Artest will be the ruin of this team. And I love it, because I can’t stand McGrady. After reading that article about how McGrady’s dunk in the AAC all star game essentially ruined James Felton’s career and drove him to his untimely death – I really just hate the guy. Maybe even more than Kobe.

  7. Danno–In McGrady’s defense, how could he have known that dunk would lead to the ruin of another person’s like? He was just trying to be noticed, and it worked for him. However, it was a tragic result for Felton.

    Having said that, I do believe that T-Mac’s a huge p*ssy and will never lead a team to the Finals. I agree that Walker was right to stand up for himself out there. I think the Celtics need to get used to this from other teams out there. We’ll get every team’s best and dirtiest performance each night.

  8. The Rockets are turning into a bunch of punk bitches who think they can play dirty and push people around to win a title. Remember the dirty play from Rafer Alston last March in the opening seconds of the game? And their decision to sign Artest corroborates that.

  9. i can only hope that once the regular season starts that the refs will call that shit, but the officiating was ridiculous in general.

    if the stern/nba were smart they would try to protect their players (esp. if those players are defending champions) by calling fouls before artest starts a brawl.

    this is one of the reasons that the nfl is a more successful league than the nba, goodell hands out fines left and right.

    that said, i think goodell has gone overboard, and i like that brawls can happen in the nba. and i agree that walker’s actions were totally fine. the rockets were definitely playing dirty and the refs weren’t doing shit.

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