Hey Eddie, This Is Probably A Sign

Eddy Curry's Mortal Enemy

Eddy Curry's Mortal Enemy

Eddy Curry is a big, fat, underachieving disappointment.  He has the skills to be a pretty good power forward, but he instead has chosen to spend his $10 mil a year contract getting fatter and fatter. 

How fat is Eddy Curry?  So fat, that no exercise ball is safe.

Poor Eddy Curry. He sat on the giant blue physio-ball during a break from Monday’s practice and the ball exploded. Eddy fell and scraped and his wrist but should be okay. The ball, which is used for stretching exercises, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Exploding exercise balls are a bad sign.  If you can’t sit on one of those without it blowing up on you, then you need to go on Jenny Craig or something.  Eat a salad or something.  Jeez.

Curry is going to get paid $30+ million to do nothing for the next 3 years.  And since his contract isn’t insured (which goes back to the heart problems he had when he was with the Bulls) no team is going to trade for him.  So as Curry sits there, Knicks fans… just consider it a big parting gift from Isiah Thomas.


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