“I Have No Intention Of Cutting Scal”


There it is.

From Danny Ainge himself.  Want more?

“We think Scal can help us. Last year when KG got hurt, Scal started and we were 7-2 in those games. Our team defense was even better. I’m not saying he’s a better defensive player than KG, but we were able to maintain things and play good team defense.”

Ooooh… I can hear you seething right now.  Yes, I’m blatantly antagonizing you.  And I’m going to do it again.

“He’s an energy player,” [Doc Rivers] said. “He comes off the bench and can play (both forward spots). He’s a veteran. Defensively he makes very good basketball decisions. Offensively he’s got work to do.”

Scal’s got his haters out there… but I’m telling you… move on. 

So now that I’ve got you all pissed off about Scal… the least I can do is give you a redhead that you WISH was in Boston

As for signing Rondo to a long term deal…   Danny… if you’re going to taunt fans by keeping Scal… you’ve got to re-up Rondo to a long term deal now.  Like now, now

Herald:  Perk glad to be back  |  Globe: Convictions against Pierce attackers upheld  |  ESPN:  Economy hampering Nets move


5 Responses

  1. I don’t have a problem with this.

    If I had to choose today between Scal and Darius Miles based upon their preseason performance – bring on the Red head.

  2. Scal is awful…cutting him would only be an admission of guilt by Ainge.

    I haven’t seen Scal make a shot this preseason…is Miles really that bad?

  3. I haven’t seen Miles make a single shot that wasn’t a completely open, under the hoop dunk.

    and I haven’t seen Miles play ANY D. None.

    Scal isn’t a shooter. Never was. But he’s great at disrupting the play defensively. He’s a big, lumbering pest.

  4. Danny should spin his way into the presidential race. Every so often he shows he can patronize with the best of them.

  5. I moved on from the Scal issue after the last Scal post. But I would like to remind everyone that Scal makes the fifth most on this team:

    KG, Paul, Ray, Perk, Scal

    That’s more than a lot of guys on this team who actually contribute to the team winning games.

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