Celtics Fans Show Awesomeness, Rip Pitino

Rick Pitino had the sack to show up on Boston radio to plug his new book.  The folks at Karlson & McKenzie on WZLX decided it would be a great idea to open the phone lines to Celtics fans. 

Turns out they were wrong.  It wasn’t a great idea. 

It was the most awesome idea ever… because C’s fans trashed him.  That’s what you get for destroying our franchise for a decade.  Here’s the link to the segment:

Rick Pitino on Karlson & McKenzie (6:28 mp3)

(note: If you just mouse over the link, a new window will pop up with a player so you can listen to it without downloading the whole thing)


3 Responses

  1. Amazing…coming off a Celtics championship, two World Series wins and 3 Super Bowls, Boston fans still have anger for Rick Pitino. I love it….

    After he hung up the phone, Pitino must have thought to himself – Wow, I cannot believe I am still hated in that town.

  2. Hey… it’s not like we’re all waiting at the border with pitchforks and torches….

    But when given the opportunity to let him have it… I think it’s great that they did.

  3. The last caller went right to the spaghetti sauce….classic.

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