Not Impressed

I missed the entire first half so I could watch “Chicken Run” with my son. Let’s just say I would have rather watched it again then subject myself to the second half of this game. Maybe my expectations were a bit high considering I’d read how the Big 3 were going to get significant court time in this one. But this was ugly and sloppy. Keep in mind, Doc stuck with his reserves the whole 4th quarter so its not like the Knicks really beat us.

Rondo twisted his ankle in the 3rd quarter and did not return. He could be out of action for 2-3 days (That’s my uninformed medical diagnosis).

Miles, Giddens and Cassell did not play. The future isn’t looking green for Darius.

Perkins continues to annoy me with those damn illegal screens. For the love of god, someone on the coaching staff please teach him how the hell to set a pick. 

Eddie House (27 pts, 10-15 FG) had the stroke going again tonight.

Tommy Heinsohn says Eddy Curry only needs to lose about 40 pounds to be in shape for the Knicks run-and-gun system. Good luck with that… 

Box Score

John promised to take pictures of hot chicks at the game, but he only emailed me photos of Eddy Curry and hot dogs. Guess you’ll have to settle for this picture of some smokin’ hot Dallas Mavericks dancers…after the jump. 

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4 Responses

  1. This was the first preseason game I’ve watched, and I actually liked it. TA looks quick like he got his turbo button back, POB looks like a solid backup for Perk and his early fouls, and Rondo could make a serious push this for an All-Star appearance. House and The Big 3 look ready to go.

    Pruitt made too many mistakes, and Scal is good for his 6 fouls. I wanted to see Miles and Giddens, but no luck there.

    This is going to be another fun season.

  2. I’d say a lack of Darius Miles is pretty telling

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  4. Tony Allen’s play has to be the story of this pre-season. He’s not only scoring, but doing a beautiful job of distributing in the lane.

    Eddie House, has been impressive as well. The bench looks strong.

    Pruitt might have had his worst game last night, but overall I like his play.

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