We Have Lost Our Minds

I’ll blame the Red Sox for injecting a dose of deliriousness into the Boston fanbase. Yes, all of the reserves played well, especially Tony Allen,  in last night’s win over New Jersey. But when I read a comment (from a respected reader I might add) suggesting TA play with the first stringers and Ray Allen be moved to the bench….I nearly lost my mind. Don’t get sucked in!!! This is what Tony does to us. He gets us all worked up and then churns out consecutive 7 TO games…or falls for an up-fake with .3 seconds left in a big game. The Celtics are a great team with a solid bench, it’s ok to be cocky, but lets not go crazy.

Speaking of the bench, the Herald’s Steve Bulpett writes that Darius Miles might just be the odd man out of the Celtics rotation.

Word is Miles needs to show he is worthy of being a key contributor – not just the 15th best player – to make the squad. Miles scored one point last night.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. It’s a crime if Scalabrine makes the team over Miles. Please Danny, just own up to your mistake.

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10 Responses

  1. Scallie is a better role player or specialist then DM. That’s what you need at the end of the bench, guys that do 1 or 2 things well. so i wouldn’t call it a crime, The real crime is that you can’t buy beer in Ohio after 1:00AM

  2. Based on preseason D Miles doesn’t look like he’s buying into defensive system and if it continues he won’t play. 17 was put up because of defense. I would put Veal in over Miles. always hated his game.

  3. Jesteroo is that what you look like when you can’t find beer after 1:00 AM?!

  4. I said it yeserday, and I’ll say it again today after last night’s game:

    You’re wrong Chuck. Scal deserves that spot on the roster WAY more than Darius Miles.


    but I agree about TA. He needs to be the go to guy on the bench, but no way in hell he deserves a spot in the starting unit. .

  5. G4L A cross between Barney from the Simpsons and a white angry Sam Cassell

  6. We do need a solid 6th man this year and TA should fit perfect. He can fill in for Ray/Paul/Rajon and be a good 2nd team leader with House/Powe/POB.

    Scal and Sam need to go, they’re not valuable to this team and shouldn’t be eating up bench space. What is Scal’s specialty?! Red hair and freckles?! I haven’t seen enough of Miles yet, but I’d rather have Darius and Pruitt on the bench this year. Or maybe that 7 footer from Turkey, Erden?

  7. Gotta agree with bleed Green on this one. Scal has Z-E-R-O specialties and to not understand that is a crime. D Miles is younger and even though he has been in the league for quite a while, still has a much higher ceiling than Scal.

    Who cares if we have to eat Scals contract? Keeping Miles on the team could work out significantly in the long run and will kill Portland’s freakish cap # for the next two years.

  8. Ha…Danno is so hell bent on disagreeing with me, that he’s making the case for Scalabrine. Have you watched him play at all the past couple of years?

  9. Scallie can shoot the 3 and he is a solid defender with a great B-ball IQ. too play as long as he has he must be o.k player. he is better team player then DM and/or Walter McCarty!!!!!!!!!

  10. Chuck, It’s got nothing to do with you.

    Darius Miles hasn’t done SHIT in the entire preseason. Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Scal has. He’s defended well, and knocked down a few shots. That’s all that is asked of him.

    Darius Miles will be MORE useless than Scot Pollard was for us last year. Broken, and washed up.

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