Depressed Delonte

Boston Herald

Courtesy: Boston Herald

Despite playing for the enemy, Cavs guard Delonte West is still well liked and admired around here. He always played hurt and wasn’t afraid to take and make the tough shots. Now we’re learning that D-West is being treated for depression and a mood disorder. Everything came to a boil after West berated a high school ref working a Cavs scrimmage.

“The ugly head started to show itself again,” the 25-year-old West said. “It’s been haunting me my whole life, self-destructive behavior. Everything is going good for me – being on a great team where anything less than a championship is unacceptable this year, getting a new contract, being in a good situation. When everything is on the upside, I’m feeling the worst.

Delonte is back with the Cavs and we wish him a successful season – that hopefully ends with a loss to the Celtics in the ECF.

As for Rajon Rondo’s ankle sprain:

“I’m cool, nothing major,” Rondo said. “I’ll just get some treatment and see how it is.” Asked if he would be playing if a regular-season game was scheduled, Rondo replied, “Yeah, probably so. I really don’t even know [the cause of the injury]. I stepped sideways and came down on my ankle wrong. It was all me.”

The Celtics are taking care of their ball-boys. All 16 of them will receive a smaller version of the championship ring along with a $500 playoff share. Doc describes how and when the team made the decision:

“I went in and told the guys about who I thought deserved something,” Doc Rivers said of a meeting that was held shortly after the team’s victory parade through Boston. “I think half of them were hung over, actually, from the night before. In fact, there was one I know was definitely hung over. But it happened pretty quickly.”

Any guesses as to who the hung-over one was? I say, Paul Pierce. For the record, I’d pay the Celtics for the privilege to pick up sweaty towels and mop the floors during games.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul went to the hospital that night because his daughter had a high fever…. so I don’t think it would have been him.

    So if it wasn’t Pierce, it was PJ Brown without a doubt.

  2. Pierce admitted on Jimmy Kimmel that he got shitfaced and sick form the cigars during the parade…that’s why I assumed it was him.

  3. Yeah.. the reason he was so shitfaced and sick was because he spent so much time at the hospital. He just went right from there to the parade.

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