Pruitt Earns His Spot

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

What ever happens with the cut (or cuts) this week… Gabe Pruitt has earned his spot with this team. 

Pruitt played 44 minutes in place of Rajon Rondo, and finished with an impressive 11 points, 12 rebound, 7 assist effort in a 83-66 thumping of New Jersey (Box Score | Recap). 

Paul Pierce liked what he saw:

“He understands what we needed from him,” Paul Pierce said of Pruitt. “He got guys set up in the right spots and he swung the ball, he was aggressive. But what I was most impressed about him was his defense. If he plays defense like that we may have something — he could solidify a backup role.” (Via the Globe Blog)

Kendrick Perkins had 18 points and 9 boards… and the Big 3 all played between 16-20 minutes. 

Darius Miles played 11 minutes and, aside from a couple of blocked shots, did nothing.  Sam Cassell was a DNP again.

Weird injury note:  Leon Powe lost all feeling in his foot after someone stepped on a nerve.  He’s fine now, though.  Jessica Camerato has the full details.


4 Responses

  1. Look at how low the ankles are on his shoes. That can’t be safe.

  2. And it doesn’t look like he tapes either.

    I can’t comprehend that. Then again… I’ve got ankles made of crepe paper.

  3. Gabe is the man…nuf said

  4. i play bball all the time here at Endicott and if i ever wore those shoes in this gym…it would be the end of my walking career

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