C’s Cut Darius Miles

Well… we saw this coming down the Pike…

The Celtics have cut Darius Miles.  Scott Souza reports:

Though he looked impressive in workouts, Miles apparently did not convince the brain trust that he will be a rotation guy this season. His 10-game suspension to start the season probably did not help.

“Darius was a model citizen during his time here in Boston,” said Danny Ainge in a statement. “He showed he still has a lot of basketball left in him.”


8 Responses

  1. Yep.

    Just as I suspected.

  2. Too bad Danny doesn’t have the balls to admit Scalabrine was a colossal mistake…oh well.

  3. The length and cost of Scal’s contract may have been a bit of a mistake.

    Cutting Darius Miles over Scal, regardless of contract status, was not.

    Darius Miles Sucked. He had barely enough left in the tank to make it through training camp, and 2 games into the Preseason, he looked winded and out of place on every play he saw. Which is also why doc played him less and less as the preseason moved on.

    Yesterday was his last chance to show he still had some life left in him. He did nothing productive.

    Eddy Curry looks like he’s in better shape than Darius Miles.

  4. Hope Sam’s next

  5. We’ll see if Miles hooks on with a team down the road. He can’t even sign a 10-day deal because a team would essentially be paying for him to be suspended.

    Portland is happy right now, that’s for sure.

  6. nooooo

  7. DMiles would be a nice-to-have, but does he provide anything that any of the other bigs don’t already bring to the table? Apparently Doc/Danny don’t think so (but somehow Scal does?).

  8. Thank god!!

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