How To Make A Schedule

There are a total of 1,230 games in an NBA season.  There are 30 teams… and, like the C’s, many play in arenas they share with other teams… or at least lease out for events. 

That’s a lot to coordinate.  Ever wonder how’s it’s done?  Ever wonder why the Celtics rarely play at home on a Saturday?  Here’s how it all happens… as broken down on  (via Jessica Camerato’s WEEI Blog)

And when can we consider CelticsBlog part of the mainstream media?  They’ve now joined a huge blog network and swallowed its second Celtics blog in a matter of about a year and a half.  They’ve now got more Celtics writers than the Globe or the Herald.

I feel like the local hardware store owner watching a Home Depot move in.


8 Responses

  1. For all the teasing I give chuck, this blog is still 1000% better than Celticsblog, if only because Celticsblog is just too freaking busy to look at. Too much stuff going on.

  2. Hey John… email me. I’ve lost your email address and I had a question for you.

  3. for what it is worth, I’m a big fan of Red’s Army and read it every day – it is good to have a little variety out there


  4. Well, anytime you want to hire an extra writer…. I only charge $100 a story.

  5. Redsarmy is just way too funny & also has some really good analysis.

  6. Could you guys start a Red Sox blog with the same setup and analysis? I need a place where I can get news and complain about Tito’s decision-making, and I haven’t found a good complement to this site. You could call it

  7. Hey… just like the local hardware store owner… I don’t know if I’d rather BE Home Depot or BEAT Home Depot.

    Thanks for the compliments, though… I appreciate it.

  8. Hey Duke.. don’t think I have yours anymore either. I’m at

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