They’re HERE!!

This is what the Celtics season ticket booklets look like. 

Pretty sweet, huh?  Thanks to Phillip for passing along the photo. 

In completely self-serving news:  LA Ball Talk is holding a contest to determine the best blogs for each team.  Here’s the list.  Voting opens tomorrow.  Check it out… there are a lot of awesome blogs out there.  This would also be a good page to bookmark for later so we can see what our competition is talking about during the season.

Don’t worry… we’ll be whoring out that link and begging a lot during the voting. 

This is very interesting:  Josh Childress explains the differences between playing ball in Europe and the NBA. 

And Mike Kahn of Fox Sports wonders if the impact of the Celtics-Lakers final will last.


9 Responses

  1. Problem is, They AREN’T here. At least, not yet.

    They’re wicked late in arriving this year. So late that we had to print out the tickets to the preseason games and open practice invites online, instead of having them be part of the ticket book.

    Apparently, The printing company was on strike.


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  3. I recently moved and am FREAKING out that they may have been sent to my OLD address! My rep doesn’t seem to want to help me track them down either! Imagine a nice package addressed to Matty S. comes to your house one day from the Boston Celtics, wouldn’t YOU open it???

    *Frantically searching for my old landlords number*…

  4. Season Ticket packages are NEVER addressed to you from “Boston Celtics” so no need to panic. Generally, they are addressed from “B.C.” or some other nondescript entity, from the Causeway street address of their sales office.

    But yeah – I’m feeling you. the newest crop of sales reps since they sold out all the Season ticket packages are really lazy and unwilling to help. Tom Blanchette, my original salesman was great. The new kid is a complete putz.

  5. Who is your rep?

    I just got mine yesterday. Im only 15 minutes away from Boston. I imagine anyone who didnt get them yesterday will get them today.

  6. Matt something. I asked him a while back on the phone before the schedule came out if we were going to get Opening Night like normal for the 22 game package (we did!) this year and he kind of just stammered for a while and said “I dunno, we’ll know more when the schedule is out.”

    I didn’t ask him who we were playing or what day it was. I just wanted to know if they would be following regular procedure on the ticket assignments.

    He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

    I live in Quincy, so mail is usually pretty quick.

  7. Mine have not arrived but I’m hoping that in the next few days they will brighten the mailbox. Ryan de LaBruer is my rep and he kicks some serious ass. He even comes around during some games just to say hi.

  8. That’s how Tom used to be, too. Matt sounded more annoyed that he had to take a call that wasn’t another potential sale and was just a customer service question.

  9. VOTED FOR YOU! Lakers fan, but I have love for the Celtics since my cousin lives out in Boston… and I always read this blog to catch up on the latest Celtics news!

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