Boston Is A Brotherhood

Can Kevin Garnett do an ad that doesn’t give me goosebumps?

This is part of a new Addidas campaign called “NBA Tested. Brotherhood Ready.”  KG’s is the 4th ad in the series… which explains the “saved the best for last” line.   The whole series goes live on the Addidas website later this week. 

I know these are just sneaker ads… and a lot of that stuff is staged and scripted… but I get sucked in every time. 

One other note out there:  The NBA is expanding its instant replay use.

Game officials will be able to use instant replay in two cases:

• At any time to determine whether a field goal was properly awarded two or three points and to determine the correct number of free throws on a missed two- or three-point field goal.

• If the game clock malfunctions during a play ending with no time left at the end of a quarter or overtime.

The vote, taken this month, needed the approval of at least 23 clubs. The league expects to make a formal announcement this week.


6 Responses

  1. I was starting to get worried out here in LA-LA land with all the talk/hype about the FLakers and this coming season…tallest starting lineup, best second team, Savior Bynum, how they haven’t forgotten last years finals, blah blah blah.

    This commercial brings it all back in perspective. The Celtics are a team, with chemistry and heart. And the Fakers just don’t have that. Just got my tickets for the Celtics vs. Lakers…IN BOSTON THIS YEAR!!! I can’t wait to be around some REAL fans this time.

    Oh, and can RedsArmy make some We not Me (F U KoMe) t-shirts? I’ll need one when I win the Fantasy League.

  2. I’m with you…. goosebumps doesnt even fully describe the feeling I get after watching these commercials.

    John – is it going to be a live draft this year for fantasy…… that makes it much more interesting.

  3. I’ll take a live draft into consideration. I’ll send out an email about availability and see if it can be done.

  4. Here’s a very cool picture that relates to this post.

  5. Even if it IS a scripted ad for a shoe company, still a GREAT ad. Very well done.

  6. KG could be selling me Toilet paper & I’de still get goosebumps! Very good AD!

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