How to Beat the Celtics

Some dude named Randy Hill of wrote this painfully tedious column in which he uncovers the key to beating the Celtics:

Although the Cs did well defending the ball last season, it was easier for Rondo and Pierce to prevent dribble penetration because help-side commitments limited the attack options of the players they were guarding. A complete spread-offense philosophy and drive-kick tactics make it much more difficult for help defenders to be factors.

But NBA coaches, who often micromanage possessions, would have to advocate exaggerated spacing and trust role players to optimize the subsequent open looks.

Isolation and screen-roll — the staples of NBA offense — have difficulty thriving against a defense as compacted and faithful to structure as Boston’s. Until their opponents break free from the offensive tyranny of set plays, the best bet is to station the player Garnett is guarding above the free-throw line extended.

That would, at least, limit the Celtics’ longest and most active help-side defender in his efforts to patrol the lane.

And it just might save Boston the trouble of planning another parade.

Spread the floor, drive and kick to the shooters all while keeping KG away from the basket. Too bad the Lakers and Cavs didn’t have guys (Kobe or LeBron) who could penetrate and kick it to shooters (Szczerbriak, Gibson, West or Vukovic, Radmonavic, Fisher) Oh wait, they did…and still lost. Try again, Randy.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are throttling the Knicks in their final preaseason game.

Box Score


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