On a Mission


Courtesy: ReviewBusters.net

Comcast is kicking off the Celtics season with a media luncheon tomorrow at the Capital Grille in Burlington. John and I have decided to storm the restaurant and demand the Celtics recognize Red’s Army as a force in the blogging jungle. If there is anything you want us to pass along to the Comcast suits, let us know in the comments.
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3 Responses

  1. I have one request:

    Ask them to make sure ALL games are in HD this year, even the Away Games, on EVERY broadcaster/carrier.

    I’m a Direct TV Subscriber, and won’t ever switch to Comcast because they are overpriced and don’t carry enough HD channels. But last year it was ridiculous how few games were properly carried in HD. Shit we haven’t even had a single Preseason game in HD yet this year, NOT EVEN HOME GAMES. There is no excuse for it. Tell them to stop cock-blocking Direct TV subs, especially Season Ticket holders who really ONLY watch the Away Games on TV.

  2. Get better engineers on their audio productions. Ok, that’s a total geek thing, but they have the most horribly produced commercials. Just sayin’.

  3. Hi Def for the NBA League Pass for us out of towners!! Probabaly not Comcast but a seed needs to be planted.

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