Kobe Injures Knee

(AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

(AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

Kobe Bryant injured his right knee in a preseason game against Charlotte last night.  It’s being called an “hyper-extended” knee right now… but more tests will be done to determine the extent of the injury.  He did return to the bench in street clothes… so it’s probably not that bad.


3 Responses

  1. It’s a fake, blah blah blah

    He’s not hurt, blah blah blha

    He’s acting for sympathy, blah blah blah

    Umm what else was there?

  2. I second JP.

    I always feel like Kobe is trying to get people to feel like he’s playing hurt, a-la the whole pinkie situation. “Oh my pinkie has torn cartilage blah blah, feel bad for me and say that I’m a true competitor because I’m playing with SUCH a damaged hand. It’s ALL BS I tell you!

    Watch, ALL season long he will talk of how he’s playing with a bad knee and its going to become a story throughout the WHOLE year. Just WATCH!

    Oh wait I mean a bad knee AND a bad pinkie!

    He’s such a HERO!!!

    *pukes all over desk*….

  3. Matty S.,

    Your point might carry a little more weight if Kobe had used the pinky as an excuse throughout last season. Fact is, he didn’t. During the first day or two after the initial injury, then again after he decided not to get surgery, the press often asked him about it, and he answered honestly but refused to make a big deal of it. And after that, he never mentioned it.

    Lakers fans, of course, trumpeted Bryant’s injury to no end. But isn’t that their right? Of course, you would never do such a thing if it were KG or Paul Pierce…

    But Kobe didn’t continuously mention his pinkie finger last year. And if you don’t believe me, go back and read all 82 of the Lakers game recaps. Aside from discussing it with the media at the time of injury and when he decided not to get surgery — which any player would do — he virtually never spoke of it.

    But hey… Paul Pierce is the best player in the world, right? And KG is soooooooooooooo intense because he yells all the time OMG LOLZ!!!

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