Pinch Me

It's been 20 minutes sir, please walk away from the trophy.

John and his new love

John and I left the Celtics/Comcast media luncheon this afternoon in awe. Two jackass-wannabes had the chance to break bread (and drink lots of free wine and beer) with Danny Ainge, Mike Gorman, Donny Marshall, Greg Dickerson and various other obscure members of the New England print and radio media. In the Q&A session with Danny, John stepped up to the mic and asked about the development of Bill Walker vs J.R. Giddens. Security pounced on me before I could finish my “Do you regret signing Brian Scalabrine?” question.  But it was going to take more than taser burns to ruin my afternoon.

I left as John was being accosted by two lovely young women who wanted to talk about our affiliation with Barstool Sports. Hey John, did they agree to that private Smokeshow photo shoot?


7 Responses

  1. They did… until they saw my “studio” was a 1979 econoline van with a stained mattress.

    Then they just maced me like the rest of them

  2. mace sucks i’ve been hit with it a number of times, water makes it worse ……free wine and BEER well worth it

  3. Holy crap! You guys are big time now, Congrats! John, what did Danny say about the Walker and Giddens question?
    And no Tommy?

  4. Tommy couldn’t make it.

    He compared Giddens to a guy with a new golf swing. He’s going to need a little time. Walker made a big impact right away… and he’s ahead of Giddens… but both have work to do.

    Intersting note, though: Greg Dickerson said he thinks Walker is having problems with his knee. I wonder how serious that might be.

  5. First thing that comes to mind… is the GM commercials.

  6. I think John should keep a real camera with him instead of taking all of these shitty pics with trophies with a camera-phone. And I am not saying this out of anger or jealousy!

  7. No… I’m thinking its jealousy

    (Nick’s my brother, by the way…. lest you think I’m being an even bigger douche than usual)

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