Reds Army Fantasy Challenge Part 1

It’s time for third annual Red’s Army Fantasy Challenge.  Here’s your first chance to enter:

Go to Yahoo’s fantasy basketball home and click “sign up now.”  It’s right next to the picture of Paul Pierce… who is the Yahoo fantasy sports cover boy this year.  Then join a custom league.

The league ID# is 46224

The password is: bigthree

Join now… the leagues fill up fast.  You’ll have another opportunity when we open up our next league at 4pm.  Winner get a free Red’s Army shirt!


5 Responses

  1. That didn’t take long… league is full

  2. phew. just in time. :) 2nd!

  3. For real??… so its not even worth trying to sign up for it?

  4. Ya its too bad..i was on my way to winning this last year but i got overwhelmed with work and lost track of it and ended up giving away the championship…i was looking for revenge this time but no luck lol

  5. Prepare to be DOMINATED fools!

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